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Red Bull from left field...

They look to be joining TOIT on the 'don't let Minardi compete' bandwagon.

Holy shit... this is getting silly.


  • Purnell signed off on it, not Horner. :-\
  • If Purnell signed it, and dated it, then it's good to go. Horner just has to live by his predecessors decision... he doesn't have to be happy about it, but really it's not going to do him any good.

    Someone must be angling for some customer engines i'd say.
  • Bernie's told Midland and RBR to stay close and reap the benefits.

    The bigger picture is falling into place - Sauber crosses to BMW but what will Minardi get? I hope Stoddie feels confident about engines from Toyota or someone.

    Some racing soonliest, PLEASE.
  • From Pitpass: http://www.pitpass.com/fes_php/pitpass_news_item.php?fes_art_id=23663

    They all should just agree to let Minardi take part in the first 3 races, but without the possibility of getting points.
    If a Minardi finishes 8th and a RBR 9th, the RBR should get the point.
    This would only be fair to teams that DO HAVE 2005-spec cars.
  • Juniormin, just how old are you? It would seem that you take the view that its everyone else's fault for Minardi's present predicament, except Minardi.
    Trying to race a non conforming car was a can of worms and now we are feeling the pain.
    You'll not that any competitor is allowed to withdraw from agreement. A ploy Stoddart has used last year with the new regs if I'm not mistaken.
  • Just like Ferrari has withdrawn from the 'no testing during a GP week' agreement? I don't believe this 'any competitor withdraw from agreement' crap, something about contractual law which makes your statement ridiculous.

    Everyone elses fault? Who have I blamed? As far as I can tell, your the only one saying that Minardi are blaming everyone else. If you keep saying it, someone might believe you... but as far as I can tell it's just not the case.

    People may be upset with TOIT, and I am one of them, because they are on one hand saying rules are rules, then on the other hand testing equipment at Mugello during a Grand Prix week which goes against an agreement in place with all ten teams.
  • oh, and by the way... 12 but I have a birthday in three weeks!!
  • i would have said 13:hehe:
  • Did TOIT sign up to testing restrictions then? Contract law is only as good as the paper its written on. One's free under EU law to contest any agreement you're not happy with.
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