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FIA Flex their muscles - FIA vs teams (concord Agreement)



  • Ron Walker is a BE lackey. Always was always will be.
    He has already stated that no GPWC sanctioned event will take place in Melbourne.
    No problem, Adelaide and Sydney have already put up their hand. Adelaide did a better job anyway.

    I think I was the only person wearing a Minardi hat on the weekend, and the second one wearing a ForzaMinardi.com shirt. Some drunk git was wearing the other:hehe:

    I have to say, if you want to draw attention to yourself, (not that I was looking to do that)then wear Minardi gear. I got bucket loads of it, especially from TOIT scum fans. Lucky I've got size on my side.

    In time the truth will come out. Yes it is unfortunate that Minardi's name is being dragged though all this, but Paul is a fighter and he is putting the interest of the sport first, above Minardi and the FIA. Why is Paul doing the talking? Because there is no Manufacturer to protect from any adverse publicity. (of which there is plenty off at the moment)

    There is alot of adverse pulicity against Paul in the Aussie Media at the moment. But to be honest they have no understanding on the complexities of the issues. This isn't an issue of running a car in 04 or 05 specs, it is bigger than that.

    Anyone who was at Albert Park saw a sham of a spectacle. It was unfair on the drivers, the teams and the fans.

    But when did the FIA (insert Max here) ever give a fuck about the fans.

    The knives are out, but lets see who bleeds first.
  • Why is Paul doing the talking? Because there is no Manufacturer to protect from any adverse publicity. (of which there is plenty off at the moment)
    And you guy wanna know something that'll really cook you noodle?

    After the race, Ron Dennis said in an interview on Australian TV:

    That he supports Stoddy :o :P
  • He also said he sympathised with Paul's position and that most of pitlane support Paul in what transpired.

    These comments were on live TV and were post race.
  • strange bedfellows...............they must want him in GPWC bad.

    Just remember what Bernie said: If you cross me, I'll get you. I won't have you bashed, or cut up, but one day, I'll level the score.

  • Stoddart is now in the wrong camp at the wrong time. For the right reasons, sure, but that won't help him.
  • I completely back Stoddie on this one. Dunno the further details we're not being told, but I'm sure Max is falling down in this year's FIA elections. He has gone too far in many ways, and Stoddie is gladly digging the hole to bury this scum bag. BTW he is algo scaring the bejeezus out of Bernie :cool:
    I don't think he will be out of Minardi or Minardi out of this business, but if this happens he's surely taking the kingpins with him :spank:
  • One thing that you can say is that this issue has polarised opinion about Stoddart and the FIA, and not just in this place. Looking around I would say:

    BBC - Balanced
    Guardian - For Stoddart
    ITV - Against Stoddart
    Planet F1 - Against Stoddart
    GrandPrix.com - For Stoddart
    Pitpass - Against Stoddart

    Actually, I was quite surprised by the way Pitpass reported the issue. They invited comment on the race and on the Minardi issue. So far they have 21 replies none of which has anything nice to say about Stoddart. So I wrote a response:

    Great to see Fisichella win, but really, it was a typical MS type of win.

    Good work by DC to keep in front of Webber and not so good of Webber not finding a way past.

    Nothing much to say about the rest except to wonder how long JV will keep his drive for.

    Regarding the Minardi saga, what a mess. Lies, manipulation, power plays; what a shame the press never quite got around to understanding any of it. Sadly, Pitpass’ take on events seems to be the least informative, if not downright manipulative. Just about all of the press that I’ve seen seems to be looking to pursue the morality of the issues in regard to whether Minardi should be allowed to race in the wrong configuration, etc. Of course it went well beyond all that and it is a great pity that journalists didn’t dig a bit deeper and provide a meaningful analysis that could give readers an opportunity to make up their own minds . Give you an example. In your latest article you end with a jibe at the court for not recognizing a precedent with regard to a V8 Supercar petitioner in the recent past. The problem with that is that of course that particular case involved completely different circumstances in regards to the opportunities for redress by anyone who doesn’t feel they have received a fair outcome. In the F1 case in Melbourne, Stoddart went to the court to dispute a commercial contract (being Concorde). Pitpass should have made that observation. Was going to the court in a commercial dispute manipulative on Stoddart’s part. You bet, which then leads to the broader issues behind his actions. None of this did you make any attempt to cover. It’s a shame.


    Now I would have thought that the editor would have welcomed an alternative opinion that questions whether the debate is being fully explored, but they didn't include my post. Now I'm wondering whether there were other respondents such as myself who didn't make the cut.
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