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Sponsor list at TOMS

Finally being uploaded:
http://www.minardi.it/sponsors/sponsors.asp?LN=UK What's RZ and what's Co2 ???
Why are there 2 different Lost Boys / LB Icon sponsors ??

http://www.minardi.it/sponsors/technical.asp?LN=UKNew tech partners, 4Net.nl, SGL, Midac, Digi Lab.

http://www.minardi.it/sponsors/suppliers.asp?LN=UKNew suppliers: Vertical Vision, Sabelt, Tifosi Optics.


  • SGL is Hitco's racing branch, they make braking components.
  • I thought Co2 taking the place or Muermans was interesting. What has happened there. I saw them on the Jordan and I thought they jumped ship. Anyone know?
  • You're right, they were on Jordan weren't they? :P

    Looks like Muermans is to do what Wilux did to some success and sell their space when they can while paying up front for it.
  • did anyone catch the sponsor on the front side of the rear wing?
  • RJ, that's CO2 (what we were talking about).;)
  • They where on Robert Doornbos's car in practice, but I did'nt see Muermans stickers on the other cars.
  • I'll try and get the list of contacts at the companies so that we can send them the "hey thanks for supporting us we will look to your product first if we have purchasing needs in that area...
  • Yeah, I really need to buy some carbon-dioxide !!:hehe:
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