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OZ Race

OK start for the boys - must be HEAVY with fuel though.


  • Albers out - looks like gearbox.
  • A good but not particularily eventful race, good to see Patrick finish especially after his fitness concerns.
    Well done Fisico!!!

    Off to bed now, good night/morning
  • 2 of the top 3 and 4 of the top 10 former Minardi drivers.
  • What about Schumacher giving Nick the business? Class move- he got what he deserved this weekend.
  • Clearly Schumacher's fault. He actually turned in on Heidfeld after leaving the door ajar. Not to keen on that push either. Brings some very brave marshalls into danger, unnecessarily.
  • Well I can say that I heard the race. General Admission at Albert Park is to be avoided.

    At least I had a couple of beers with Superoo before he disappeared back to the dizzy heights of the Fangio stand.

    Now whatever happennned to my stand of never attending a sporting event that I actually had to pay for?

    Sincere and hearty congratulations to the Fish.
  • I was surprised to see that Jaguar actually designed 2 good cars for Red Bull!!!!!

    Go DC !!!:cool:
  • Better late than never - from Faenza:



    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, March 6, 2005 – It was a case of varying fortunes for Minardi F1 Team drivers, Christijan Albers and Patrick Friesacher in this morning’s final qualifying session for the 2005 Foster’s Australian Grand Prix.  Friesacher recorded a lap of 1 min 37.499 secs, and the aggregate of this time plus that posted in the first qualifying session, on Saturday afternoon, sees the Austrian driver line up in 16th position on the grid.  Albers experienced a gear selection problem while leaving the team’s garage for his final qualifying run, and unfortunately, by the time the problem had been rectified and the engine restarted, his qualifying “window” had closed.  Albers therefore has to start this afternoon’s race behind those drivers who posted times in both qualifying sessions, but even so, his Saturday lap time will see him launch into his first Formula One race from 17th position.  Minardi personnel also derived a certain amount of satisfaction this morning from the fact that the first three positions in the starting line-up for the 2005 Foster’s Australian Grand Prix are occupied by former drivers of the Faenza team.            



    Q2 lap time: 1 min 37.499 secs                 Q1+Q2: 3 min 28.363 secs           Position: 16th

    “The car was oversteering in this morning’s qualifying run, possibly because the weather and track conditions had changed from yesterday, and it was not so easy to drive.  Even so, we have a reasonable grid position, and I will be hoping for a good result in the race” 



    Q2 lap time: No time                                   Q1 lap: 1 min 49.230 secs           Position: 17th

    “Unfortunately, I just couldn’t select first gear when I tried to drive out of the garage.  The guys pulled the car back in, did a re-set and restarted the engine, but by then it was too late, as the pit lane had closed.  We dropped two grid positions as a result, but even so, I think there is the possibility to have a good race this afternoon.  We’ll do our best.”   


    - Ends -


    Chassis allocation – 2005 Australian GP

    Friesacher (No 20)          PS04B/02

    Albers (No 21)                  PS04B/04

    Spare car (Albers)           PS04B/03

  • FRIESACHER 11 secs a lap slower (on Avg) than Fissi.in the last quarter of the race. Queston -
    1. Was the car too difficult to drive and he just took it easy?
    2. Was he too tired to try and pick up the pace?
    3. Was it just a fact of first race in a strange set up car?
    4. All of the above and more?

    Not very good eh boys?
  • Great stuff Fisico & Fernando, bad start Webbo, story of the race is RBR - well done the lads.

    Good to see a real Schumi Red Mist again - he hasn't changed!

    Toyota - what?

    JPM - wha?

    BAR - ooohhhh shit.

    Sauber - great reverse gear.

    Minardi, hmmm. I think we should just draw a veil over the weekend. First the name is tarnished and then we put in those times. Will be watching from behind the sofa until Imola.

    Notwithstanding and unsurprisingly, I say once more,

    FORZA MINARDI! We're heading back to the good times.

    PS bad luck with standing Lease, a real bummer. The only positive you can take from that is that at least you were in Melbourne; it costs £95 at Silverstone and you freeze your arse off.
  • Ger i think thats what you get when you bolt on some botch parts before the race using the same slow car as last year. I don't think it is worth looking into how we preform until we have our new car as we are going to be constantly that far off the pace until then.

    Just hope they have a couple of tests with the new car before Imola tho!
  • PS bad luck with standing Lease, a real bummer. The only positive you can take from that is that at least you were in Melbourne; it costs £95 at Silverstone and you freeze your arse off.
    It costs about $200 in Melbourne and you freeze your arse off there too! :hehe: It was fucking COLD on Saturday, had to treat myself and the wife to new Williams jackets at a rather outrageous price, but I needed a new one anyway.

    No Minardi merch at all this year, at least last year there were a few things.

    [Edited on 7/3/2005 by MinardiP1]
  • Sorry to correct, but the ticket was $99.

    Not that that represented any value.

    I would have been happy to stay in the Monza bar with me big mate and watch the thing on the telly, but he had to go (think he was embarassed).

  • Sorry to correct, but the ticket was $99.
    Is that the single day rate? My bad.
  • Roo's a big boy?

    As fer money for seats - isn't OZ money kinda cheap? I'm getting killed with al this Euro crap for Imola.

  • Not at the moment, you get about 1 1/4 for your play money.
  • Euro 1 1/4 right now or the OZ buck?
  • US$1 = about $1.23 Australian.
  • Got it - how big is Roo? I need to know so I can decide whether to fuck with him anymore. I DO plan on joining you and your upside down bunch one of these years.

    Put a shrimp on the barbie for me. I love that guy.

    Whatever his name was.
  • aint no shrimps out here, Boy!
  • I love that guy.
    All those years in San Fran have got to him :hehe:
  • Prawn! Prawn! It is not a shrimp, it is a bloody Prawn - Just like Paul Hogan.

    I wouldn't consider doing what you suggest to Superoo. Hell, I wopuldn't even go for a reach-around.
  • My kinda man.
  • I'm going to be sick.
  • Tyre rule's stupid.

    Only 1 or two passing moves in whole gp.

    Boring gp.

  • I don't think that was so much about the tyres, moreso it was about the turbulence created trying to run close to someone with these new wing regulations.
  • Tyre rule's stupid.

    Only 1 or two passing moves in whole gp.

    Boring gp.

    what are you talking about FRIESACHER was passed at least 40 times!!!!!

  • Tyre rule's stupid.

    Only 1 or two passing moves in whole gp.

    Boring gp.

    Alonso started 13th and ended 3rd.
    Rubinho started 11rth and ended 2nd.

    So, they must have overtaken some more off-screen !!!
    Tells something about the TV Dirctor !!!!:(
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