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Just wondering......

When I was watching the highlights of quali 2 i thought what if one of the drivers slammed his car into the wall???

What woud happen? Spare car and start at the back?

You have to use that car and if the mechanics cant repair it fast enough, tough luck.

Anyone know?


  • prob what you said.

    Thats why I say they should move 2nd qualifying to saturday.
  • Did anyone notice another interesting aspect of the new rules

    When kimi stalled before the start his car was pushed to the pitlane

    All the other cars did another installation lap therefore kimi saved a lap of fuel!!!

    Because he lost positions - no advamtaged was gained but a driver who was already stating from last place would probably make a small gain by stalling on purpose!!!:P

  • Did you notice what both BAR's did at the end of the race? Bith Button and Sato both pulled into the pits and "retired" before the last lap, as they were both outside the points, now they can use a new engine in Malaysia, whereas they'd have to use the Aussie one if they'd have classed to have finished.

    Originally is was going to be if the car was classified as finished (eg 70% race distance) but the ruling is deemed to be if the car has "finished". I pointed this out before the season began, and it looks like BAR have noticed this too, and are using this to their advantage.
  • Albers will surely change engine as well next race.
    Like that he will have the possibility to retain his quali position on the grid come Imola when the PS05 will use the TJ !!!!

    Wonder if they will change Patricks engine as well, or if they decide to let him continue with the engine he had.
    Because he did finish the race he will get the 10-place penalty !!!!
  • Patrick should change the engine because the penalty doesn't really matter with the PS04B. We will be at the back no matter what until the new car.
  • Plus we still have last years ONE weekend engine in the back of the car! So unless we want to explode halfway through quali 1 we will have to change it
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