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my questions

1. it was quite late at night, but I had the feeling that Friesacher was some 5 seconds slower than Jordans in 2nd qualifying, did I dream of it?
If it's so, well, RBR's cossies seem to be very interesting, but we need 2 of them on every car to earn FIVE seconds a lap!

2. It was even later, 4 o clock, but I had the feeling that in the first 4-5 laps we were losing 2 seconds a lap from Jordans. Did I dream of it?
That would be a little better, it's last year's gap.

3. Wasn't this place full of people considering David Coulthard a little more than an idiot?
Where are they?
I've never said DC is a champion, and I think he got much more than he deserved in his career, but you can't say he's a bad driver, he's got some talent, and today he showed it again.

4. Don't you think Fisichella is simply great???
I've been quarreling with manlio for years about Fisico. I've always said he's the kind of driver who can become a world champion, my friend used to like Trulli better.
I think Giancarlo today did what he had done several times: a perfect race. The difference is that now he's got a winning car. Forza!

(have you heard Flavio saying "Bravo, Fisico, dai, Bravo" at the end of the race on the radio?)
5. well... for this 5th question I need another topic, I guess...


  • 1. That was real my friend.

    2. No dream there either. The new car better be a quantum leap, the engine looks good in the Red Bull so that's a comfort.

    3. I was right there calling DC an idiot. He DOES have talent and it seems he needed to get out of his comfort zone to get motivated instead of relying almost exclusively on McLaren. His was the drive of the race along with Fernando.

    4. While I think Fisico is a driver of the first order, I doubt very much he'd be able to win that race from anywhere else on the grid. He's a very good driver but I think Fernando is the racer at Renault.
  • they're the best couple on the grid. Very different drivers.
    Alonso is the aggressive one, Fisico is a little more a la Prost.
  • salvo did you hear the rai guys saying

    "La Minardi, ERA l'orgoglio d'Italia"

  • My Italian is not that good yet - it does not look good but can you translate the middle bit?

    Salvo - very appy for our former driver. I met him at Indy - nice guy. Real nice guy. We probably won't get that chance at Imola.

    DC - I am one of his biggest detractors but even I had to pull for him as he actually looked like a real racing driver and his old lady keeps getting hotter and hotter!
  • The Minardi team used to be the pride of Italy
  • and his old lady keeps getting hotter and hotter
    mate, she had fake lips, that's so disgusting
  • ya but hips like a 12 year old!
  • must be a californian thing, ey Jacko?:hehe:
  • Hips like a Cub Scout!
  • Hey dude, you stole my avatar.
  • no i'm just trying to figure out why i still get the zsolt picture even though i updated it with your new one...
  • The Minardi team used to be the pride of Italy
    We'll put that right come Imola!!

    Fisi did great and seems to have matured very well, the cossie looks damn good (come on PS05), DC had his best race for years and I REALLY don't rate the guy but his girlfriend is very attractive.
  • dst: avatar works now

    minardirule: hell ya! we've got the banner
  • Thanks for that! The retarded smiley had to go.
  • Can I just say that it's terribly inconvenient having to watch a GP at 3am.

    Australians, do the decent thing and have an evening kick-off to your race. There's a good chap ...
  • Mr Vigar is right.
    But waking up at 4 0'clock was worth to listen Mameli's anthem with Fisico on the top of the podium
    In Brazil they stole this joy to him and his fans, today he was refunded
  • Well, if they ever do sanction a GP under lights, you can bet that it will be here first!

    Hell, even the Rugby League Grand Final is played at night now.
  • Last season I discussed about Fisico with an Italianguy at work.
    He didn'tlikeFisi and said Trulliisthe better Italian driver.

    Can't wait to talk to him tomorrow!!!!!:)
  • Minardus, is his name manlio? :hehe:
    ps where the hell is he?????:mad:
  • Viges Old bean - we here in the States have to get up at 3 AM for damn near EVERY GP. I have said it before and will continue to do so - VCR or TiVO. Then you can watch when you want - I prefer 'round bbq time.

  • .........I've never said DC is a champion, ......

    no... leave that to DC himself... on the other hand.. this could just be 'his' year.. :rolleyes:
  • Quig, you are a Yankee Doodle Dandy and therefore do not count. Ruffian.
  • Viges Old bean - we here in the States have to get up at 3 AM for damn near EVERY GP. I have said it before and will continue to do so - VCR or TiVO. Then you can watch when you want - I prefer 'round bbq time.

    3 AM, makes me glad im in Texas., 6 AM sounds way better to me.
  • Hooray for Central Standard Time! Although 3AM might still qualify as a 'beer' race, of which there are far to few, as it is I'll take the sleep and a 'Corn Flakes' race. Viges, you have NOTHING to squwak about.
  • You, too, must shhh.
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