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Can someone help translate please?

can someone please help translate below into english?

A1GP und wir sind nicht dabei

Wieder einmal verpaßt Österreich den Anschluß. Die logische Nachfolgeserie zur krepierenden F1 geht ohne heimische Beteiligung über die Bühne!


Die Zukunftschance für Projekt Spielberg II wird verpaßt! Der A1-Zukunftscluster für die jungen GP-Stars der Zukunft kann auf dem Ö-Ring angesiedelt werden. Es wäre die untrennbare Verlinkung zwischen Österreich und A1GP, der nächsten Formel 1. Stattdessen bauen wir Fußballstadien! Jetzt ist die Politik gefragt - Sportstaatssekretär Schweitzer, tun Sie endlich was!

Österreich braucht ein A1-Nationalteam, Geld gibt es genug. Stronach, Superfund (bald Red Bull), wenns sein muß STEUERGELDER.

08.02.2005 13:53 (letzter Eintrag: 08.02.2005 13:53)
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  • Looks to me like typical German.

    We want to rule the world.

    Kill all Jews, Catholics, gypsies and anybody else that we don't like or pisses us off

    and, make way to the drawing board so we can design some of the most bitchin' mechanical objects the world has ever seen.

    Or something to that effect.
  • Some shit about an A1GP Austrian national team.

    Where's that little forign Bertandyuk chap when we need him?
  • Something 'bout Spielberg bein' pissed (verpaßt ?) :cool:
  • A1GP and we're no part of it

    Austria misses the train again. The logical successor to an ailing F1 will take place without Austrian participation.

    The future hope of Spielberg mark two has slipped away. A1's future stars could have trained at the Oesterreich-ring.

    It would have been the undeniable link between Austria and A1GP, the next F1. But no, we're building football stadiums. Now it's politics' turn - Sports Minister Schweizer [is he still in charge?]do something.

    Austria needs an A1 national team, there is more than enough money: Stronach [bleedin rich Austro-Canadian, owns more or less every single austrian football club], Superfund and soon Red Bull. If we really need to TAX PAYERS MONEY

    Comments in [] are mine to clarify. the text seems to have been written by a three year old (there is no such word as "Verlinkung")
  • Superfund (bald Red Bull)
    Does this read: Superfund (soon Red Bull) ?????

    Will Red Bull buy them ????
  • hey, many thanks robert-jan. appreciate it.
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