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Would Ferrari survive without F1?

and conversely would F1 survive without Ferrari.



  • Lets face it, outside of Italy, TOIT fans are all assholes that support TOIT to feel good about themself, not the team. They want the reflective glory of the majisty, not to sit in the rain, happy to watch their team finish 14th.

    F1 would be better without their fans, their bullshit and their bling-bling.

    Regards, Clown (Who yearns for 1960's amateur F1 once more, atleast it was honest)
  • I had a discussion about this very topic with Lease and Junior on Friday night.

    I'm of the opinion that the casual fairweather F1 fan regards Ferrari as being F1. I think that if you asked 20 people who aren't really fans to play a word association game and said 'formula 1' at least half would respond with 'Ferrari'.

    Thus i'm sad to say that I think whatever series has Ferrari competing in it will be seen as the *real* F1. The teams competing with them don't really matter, as long as Ferrari is there. Stupid maybe, but I think true. Maybe 4 or 5 out of those 20 would know who McLaren and Williams are without any prompting, but almost all of them could pick Ferrari.

    Not good news for the GPWC if what I suspect is correct. :(
  • but then again, people said that f1 would not survive without lotus but it has!
  • When I startd following F1 it was Lauda...and Ferrari.

    Lauda first - Ferrari second.

    Then Ferrari fell deep into the well.

    And stayed ther.

    For a ong time.

    A real long time.

    Only once the Kraut took hold of them did they become dominant.

    Ferrari is automobile passion.

    Ferrari is not Schumi and Schumi is not auto's.

    i am a Lambo guy but they will never be Ferrari.

    MS will pass, Ferrari will fade but F1 will continue unless people like PS f it all up.
  • I think F1 could survive without Ferrari, but Ferrari need not just F1 - but racing.

    Ferrari in the 50's and 60's was all about Sportscars until Ford fucked it for them, so they turned to F1 and stayed there. (thank's to the death of Sportscars) Considering Ferrari's road cars are overpriced, overblinged, overrated poofmobiles, it's their F1 image that keeps them afloat (and keeps them selling cars!)

    If anything, if Ferrari were to leave now I think you'd find Mclaren taking over as the new 'Ferrari' followed by Williams, etc...maybe even Minardi. We are the 4th oldest team. ;)
  • Both can survive, but at what price...
    TOIT is more than MS and that pompous tiny frenchie. F1 is more than Mad Max and uncle Bernie (who wants YOU to pay his bills, Clown need a photoshop of Uncle Sam with Bernie's face)
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