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Marchy Lee to be 3rd driver???

From GrandPrix.com:
Marchy Lee to join Minardi?
Formula BMW Asia Champion Marchy Lee Yin-Kin is rumoured to be on the verge of a deal to become the third driver of the Minardi team. If confirmed the deal would be a massive boost for F1 in China, a television audience which the sport is keen to get on board as its ratings at each race dwindle. F1 has been able to post an increase in viewing numbers in 2004 but only by adding new races to the calendar.

The 28-year-old Hong Kong driver has had a rather unusual career which began in karting when he was 13. He moved to Formula Campus in France in 1998 and finished fourth and then tried French Formula 3 in 1999 and 2000. He then moved to Formula 3 in Asia and in Australia before deciding last year to consolidate and go back to Formula BMW in Asia, which he won in style with 12 victories in 14 races.

We hear that the plan is for Lee to start working as the team's third driver at Imola.
I've never heard of him.
But.... I hope he brings a big chinese sponsor with a big bag of Euros !!!!!!!!!


  • I prefer a third driver with lots of experience but if there is $$$$ concerned, then I can change my idea!
  • Check him out guys http://www.marchylee.com/ Flashy site if he can drive and has money he could be a good one.
  • Having looked at his site it's dated and he doesn't look like he has done a lot outside Karting. Looks like he has plenty of dosh behind him though>
  • Sweet :D

    He isn't the worlds worst driver either, I rate him better than Yoong and Karthikeyan, for whatever that's worth...

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  • That's nice. Now where's Facty to set you straight? :hehe:

    And the kid certainly has a wonderful portfolio of sponsors! :D

    C'mon Paul, you just KNOW that Ericsson wants to throw cash our way and take the fight to Nokia. :please please please:

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  • Looks great from a sponsorship point of view and china is a market with massive potential. Also a chinese driver would soon bring Bernie back to being friendly:D
  • Hiring a chinese as 3rd driver would be one of the most intelligent things Stodart can do.
  • Didn't he do a test for BMW Williams a couple years ago. NOthing huge a few laps I think because he won the Asia championship?
  • Didn't he do a test for BMW Williams a couple years ago. NOthing huge a few laps I think because he won the Asia championship?
    i think that was 'Ho Pin Tung' Chinese born guy.. rasied in Holland by his parents dutch neighbours..('cause his parent wanted him to learn proper dutch)
    fast, intelligent, friendly guy..



    he was fast in formula BMW to..

    • From-till : 2003
    • Results : 10 wins, one 2nd place, one 4th place and 2 DNF out of 14 races, 12 pole positions out of 14 races

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  • Graham Jones denied that... well, he denied nothing, but he confirmed that the manager of Lee has talked with Stoddart. I don't think they were talking about the weather. I wouldn't mind to sign him for Imola.
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