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Alex Yoong

Ok now that i've got your attention with such a *controversial* name in the subject title, i'd like to ask those 'in the know' what AY is doing with himself these days.

Any hopes to get back into single seaters and have another crack at F1 later on? Has he lost his Malaysian sponsors? Could he rustle up some cash and do some test driver duties anywhere?

Genuinely curious, seeing we have so many here that would know what's going on. :)


  • I believe Alex was to run the Malayan A1-GP project !!!!
  • Correct.
  • just heard that ronaldo has bought the a1gp brazilian franchise. news should break in a couple of hours.
  • as in the football player?

    how much is it? might buy one myself:hehe:
  • i think there's a little bit here, minardip1:


    and yes, forzaminardi, the footballer. also eddie judas could have bought the irish franchise.
  • Is there a Yank concern?

    If so who owns it?

  • Michael Jackson, quig. He's interested in the Red Bull junior driver development programme.
  • quig, there are 2 rounds for the us of a it seems: 26 feb 06rd. 9 at miami and 12th mar 06 rd. 10 at lacuna seca...malaysia's gonna be scheduled for rd. 5 in nov 05...

    don't know about the american franchise owner but rumoured to be chip gannassi but then he has a zillion teams already hasn't he...

  • Alan Jones has the Australian franchise I believe and his son Christian will be driving.
  • Is there a callender out of where and when the races will be?
  • Yoong looks happy :D


    The car looks pretty good also...


    The report stated that Alex Yoong is the 'owner' of the Team Malaysia.

    The over-statement of the year award goes to the following sentence in the article...

    "...Since failing to unseat Michael Schumacher, the former F1 driver has been keeping in fine form by racing in Champcars and the endurance-type V8 Super Cars in Queensland, Australia."


    Full 'story' at: http://allmalaysia.info/services/printerfriendly.asp?file=/2005/1/22/people/9932577

    [Edited on 15/3/2005 by TasM]

    [Edited on 15/3/2005 by TasM]
  • This should be good as Seca is father away than San Jose I think the racing will be better.

    hehh CART boys!
  • Michael Jackson, quig. He's interested in the Red Bull junior driver development programme.
    :hehe: :hehe:
  • brooksey,


    rd. 4 nov 6th, i think...

    calendar seems to be brands hatch - germany - turkey - australia - malaysia - bahrain - south africa - mexico - usa - usa - korea - china - dubai...

    brazil, portugal and japan also wanted races but cannot fit i guess.
  • I'd say it will be Eastern Creek. I doubt the series will have enough of a profile initially to justify a street race.

    If it's at the Creek (or anywhere in Sydney for that matter) I guess i'll be there.
  • well that's a pleasant surprise,
    according to the official website, the Aussie race was going to be in the Broken Hill / Mildura area, quite a desolate part of the country.
  • Alex the masseuse, or Alex.... the killer?


    Nice chikky-babe your boy got there Facty. :)
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