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Minardi merchandise

Don't know if many of you have seen this Minardi F1 stuff on ebay:
I have just received a jacket and I am very impressed - just thought I would make people aware as it is a good price for a jacket - let alone a Minardi branded one

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  • I take it all the auction gear has been put on ebay now....and peole are setting up boggie accounts to tell us? Ten points for trying.
  • No - its is starting to appear but slowly. I am still looking for the crap I wanted to buy but, for whatever reason, did not get the chance to bid.
  • no, this is the guy that I got my fleece from a month ago, he did not go to the auction, but rather he is close to the Minardi team, so he just goes over there and buys the stuff... I still want a bloody European Minardi T Shirt (not a bloody one tho)
  • fair enough
  • And they need to brand it better. whether it's a shirt, t-shirt or anything, they need to have more thatn the little Minardi F1 team logo over the left breat pocket. It at least needs to be in large lettering across the back as well.

    You wear the stuff around and it's onlt people who are into F1 who recognise it, even then it can take a second look.
  • And how i can order Minardi T Shirt, for example, to Russia?
  • Manni - that's a bit harsh. I posted on the old forum (before all the topics were deleted) and I have no connection to this ebay seller - I just thought I would let people know where they can get some good Minardi stuff - I didn't post until I had received my item and could vouch for it being genuine.

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  • JK has been here for months...

  • sorry ....didn't spot that. :P now poke out taht tounge and give me a big sloppy kiss.
  • not in this lifetime ;)
  • if someone spots the flag, tell me
  • I'm watching it everyday looking for some of the stuff I missed out on.
  • None of the pictures showed up yet, MCSF?
  • Not yet - have not looked today. No nosecones etc either.

    I'm a patient man.
  • if someone spots the flag, tell me
    one tosser has the Euro Minardi flags for 10 gbp on ebay... i may get one of those, but the REAL minardi flag is all yours if I find it ill tell ya
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