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  • I think BE likes to have some controversy in the F1 circus, so that his championship-show won't fall out of the spotlights !!!
  • Just saw these articles from the ATLAS F1 Magazine.....Neither are too complimentary of Mr. Stoddart.

    The first article is entitled "Paul Versus the Volcano"...written by Timothy Collins who is the author of THE PIRANHA CLUB


    For those who do not have access to the ATLAS site....Here is one of the paragraphs from the article...
    "It would be unkind, in the extreme, to connect Stoddart with Andy Warhol's 15 Minutes of Fame. He has after all proved to be a past master at gathering news headlines and airtime over the last few years, let alone weeks; but this, perhaps, was the weekend when he slipped inexorably out of the sports pages and into the nasty swamps of hard news coverage, when he meddled where he may wish he had not. It was also, to the consternation of purists everywhere, the weekend of the small, but much-loved, Minardi team's 20th anniversary as a Formula One team. And how Gian Carlo Minardi must have wept as his once-respected racing reputation was dragged again into another mire by the man who, effectively, bought him out and took control."

    The second article is entitled "Chronology of a Scandal" and was written by Dieter Rencken


    From the second article, here is this paragraph from near the end of the article.....

    "In the end, Minardi raced, Albers retired with gearbox maladies whilst Friesacher finished 17th and last, four laps down, two down on Tiago Monteiro's Jordan in 16th. But, if Mosley and the FIA's standing has been tarnished by the shenanigans, then Stoddart's and Minardi's have been sullied ten-fold. Only one party came out of the entire affair with any credibility: the stewards, who had been expected to rubberstamp two blatantly illegal cars to enable a local hero to prove a point. The fact that the stewards ruled against Mosley's suggestion of 17 February, and Stoddart's extraordinary request, despite nine signatures, gives hope for the future governance of Formula One"

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  • "And how Gian Carlo Minardi must have wept as his once-respected racing reputation was dragged again into another mire by the man who, effectively, bought him out and took control."

    Says it all.
  • From this week's Autosport, here's F1 doyen Nigel Roebuck:
    "Albers and Friesacher - rookies both - had missed practice on Friday and now had minimal opportunity to learn both circuit and refettled car before being first out in the qualifying session. If that were not enough, the track was wet, and I thought both did remarkably well not to drop it in the circumstances. Had either of them crashed, and perhaps hurt themselves, there would have been an opportunity for soul-searching in more than one quarter."

    PS elsewhere in the mag DC effectively thanks Patrick for curing his understeer with that prang! See, you lot should look beyond your prejudice.

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  • A couple of days ago I send the Pitpass editor a message that the site was criticising Stoddart but failing to identify any of the issues. Today they publish an article that still criticises Stoddart, but at least delves into some of the issues.

    Gotta love coincidence.
  • They've been losing my respect recently. Hope they make their minds and turn to where they used to be.
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