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SMP Bank

From TOMS:


FAENZA, ITALY, March 11, 2005

The Minardi F1 Team is pleased to announce that it has renewed its links with Russia’s SMP Commercial Bank for the 2005 season.

The SMP Bank is the member of the Moscow-based Russian Bank Association, and is in a position to support, both operationally and commercially, business transactions that Minardi partners, and other companies, wish to carry out in Russia.

“We are very pleased to welcome SMP Bank back to the Minardi ‘family’ for another season,” comments Gian Carlo Minardi. “It has been a strong supporter of the team in recent years, and this represents a significant marketing development, as it is hoped that the collaboration will lead to the opening of new, and important, markets for Minardi.”

So GCM's certainly bringing to the team in terms of sponsorship as well as new drivers. which is good:D


  • Wow - Faenza must be pissed at me - no message about this at all.

    Good work GCM! Just be sure to get the commie money in cash.
  • strange things are happenig in F1, a austrian company(superfund) is'nt sponsoring a team with an austrian driver, and now a company from moscow is in at Minardi rather than Jordan(wich is owned by a russian)

    F1 used to be so simple :rolleyes:
  • I haven't seen Superfund on the Jordan's either during OZgp !?!?!?!:o
  • Yes, it's very difficult to see a name on a car when it isn't there ;)
  • I checked Superfund's site.
    Under Sponsorship - Motorsport isonly listed the Superfund Euro 3000.

    A few months ago there was a whole list of sponsoring: Minardi F1, Mathias Lauda, Euro 3000, Norbert Siedler.

    I suppose they need all the money for the Formula Superfund this year.
  • The Jordans had a green space on the engine cover in OZ (like at the launch in Moscow), but it had no name in it.
  • Only on Friday, the green area was yellow again on Saturday.
  • How big is the SMP logo? Has anyone seen it yet?
  • It's on the top flip-up.
  • so small biccies then.
  • And it came in late. Junior and I saw the team applying the SMP logo's just prior to the launch on the Thursday.
  • Better late than never;)
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