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Q & A with Graham Jones


I would like to congradulate you on an excellent job with your interview of Mr. Jones. This site is blessed with a lot of writing talent.......



  • Thanks! :D
    This site is blessed with a lot of writing talent.......
    Have that PISA-study! ;)
  • Got in himmel! Excellent! For a ferign devil you sure do speak English well. I'm stoked.

    But tell us - what got edited out? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Top job Homer, great to get some more direct comment from the team and to know our support is appreciated!!

    "Keep the faith" What the hell else does he expect us to do?;)

    MCSF's right, we do want to know, so come on?????
  • Well-done Homer, excellent job and the whole interview is really interesting! :cool:
  • Great interview! It definitely sounds like that we will have wings and areo profiles on the new engine cover.
  • Damn. Nice work Homer image

    [Edited on 15/3/2005 by Clown]
  • Bravo homer, interesting interview
  • Ditto!!
  • Nice work! This site rather shows up TOMS, don't you think?
  • You can't get this anywhere else, well done! DOn't worry about TOMS, this is the real Minardi site.
  • Nice work, good interview. I can't wait for the PS05!
  • Well done Homer, thanks!

  • What's the point of TOMS? Thier content sucks, their layout sucks, their forum sucks and their history section is PATHETIC.

    ForzaMinardi.com should be the 'official' site. Heck it'd save them the cost web design and domain name purchase at least.
  • i would be surprised if the ps05 will be ready for imola...maybe barcelona but not imola, methinks...

    anyway good interview...typical communications director replies...
  • well there are people who get payed for making toms...
  • i would be surprised if the ps05 will be ready for imola
    Somebody get PS on the phone - we need to have a little chat.....
  • It will be ready, Christijan also said so and confirmed testing after Bahrain. Come on guys, just a little optimism.
  • Good job homer!
  • Well done Homer.

    Someone (RJ?) needs to jag an interview with Paul Stoddart. It's all nice and fun talking to Graham Jones, but he did tend to resort to PR-speak a fair bit (as is his job), but PS would surely give us a bit of meat to chew on wouldn't he? ;)

    How about it RJ?
  • V-e-r-y g-o-o-d w-o-r-k -, - H-o-m-e-r.

    Now dpn't anybody go pushing a formal alignment with Minardi. Our site would lose its independance and ability to speak out.

    Just like all those weak-as-piss F1 journos who won't report on the Melbourne saga accurately in case they lose their precious access passes.
  • Independence is a must so we can continue with our forensic analysis and witty insights.

    I'm sorry, I was thinking of another website.

    (P.S. have a great Malaysia and Bahrain - am away in the lands of Prost and Alonso but will be watching, of course. Forza Minardi!)

    [Edited on 17/3/2005 by viges]
  • Thanks for the interview Homer !!!!

    Viges: where are you going in Spain ????
  • Will be crossing the Pyrenees in just over a week - a wedding in Barca beckons.

    The blue one here is our carriage:


    Mrs Viges and I are saying farewell to the car as we will soon need one with more than two seats.

    PS re Stoddie i/v - been there, done that.
  • Maybe a Range Rover, to go with your leather patched tweed jacket and pipe, eh viges?
  • How did you know about the pipe?
  • good job Homer. So what magazine do you work with? ;)
  • Editor-in-chief of our school-magazine..... ;)

    [Edited on 18/3/2005 by Homer]
  • Homer you re such a liar.

    Simon: why didn't you got our imperialist pommie journo in Barcelona before? We could've had a couple of beers, talking about Matt's mental disorders :spank:
  • Homer you re such a liar.
  • If you get an interview with GJ for a school magazine you can get a interview with PS when in university! Either your school is in Faenza or you got some nice contacts inside the team. The people wants to know the truth
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