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There we go

PhD in Political Science?
LLm in International law?
MA in European Studies?


Now I found what I want to do;);)


  • Never too late to earn another degree - well unless poverty kicks in.

    Madrid is nice as well.
  • I somehow doubt the academic integrity of this course quiq, would be like the ESPN Academy;)
  • I'm not sure RJ, for certain types of insstitutions these new degrees from new Universities sometimes open to you more doors than the traditional courses. You have to check well.

    But what exactly are u doing in Siena?
  • getting bored:hehe:
  • p.s. Rj, did you get my fittipaldi's mail?
  • p.p.s. I answered to you email about the Man
  • I've got 2 good reasons why you should do it.....

  • Ah.................another toilet paper degree - 'Please Take One'

    All bullshit anyway. Doesn't matter how extensive a candidate's eductation is, I use the same technique each time.

    Just throw one out of three resume's I receive in the bin without looking at them. Well, you wouldn't want to hire someone unlucky would you?
  • Ah stuff that!

    RJ, here's your chance.

    Come to Oztralya to study and get a degree in.....

    I can just picture it, RJ at Margaret River with a peroxide mullet and a zink nose.
  • lease, that's amazing...:hehe:

    salvo, exactly: wondering why senesi get so excited about their palio, contemplating the use of force against telecom italia callcenter employees, wondering who on earth came up with the idea that they speak the best Italian in Tuscany (honhorzo, hoha hola, manihe horte etc) and being glad that the christmas holidays will start soon and last long

    the academic side is the best part about it as first of all it gives you loads of new vocab (or did you know what the italian translation of common law is ?) and some of the courses (especially diritto internazionale/ international law) are quite interesting as well.
  • Have you not had a chance to use your spitfire yet?
    If I had the chance to be a student in Siena.....
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