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And the rules change again...

Now the FIA look stupid, having to change the engin rules after just one race, threatening to send Honda ten places down the grid. Will Michael suffer the same consequences?


  • Michael crashed, BAR's DNF's where planned by the team so that they could fit new engines for the next race without a penalty, that's totaly different.
  • I only partly agree with that. Michael did crash, but if his car was OK to continue, his DNF was also planned.

    The engine rule is goning to be almost impossible to enforce. By the next race you can have a 'blow-up' button on the wheel and push it after every race.

    What would happen if say a car completed the race and during the warm-down lap that engine 'failed'?
  • A crash should automatically mean they can change the engine. I know its not a great anology, put pranging your camry in the coles car park does not require a new engine, and nor should it on the F1 circuit.

    Michael could have finished the race... as Michael says: "my car was slightly damaged and there was no point in going on"

    doesn't sound like engine failure to me, sounds like someone was out of the points, had some suspension problems and thought we'll save the car and have a new engine next race.
  • Actually some crashes which affect any of the rear suspension mountings COULD have a negative effect on the engine casting and or possibly some of the internals/oiling system yadda yadda.

    What MS experienced does not look bad enough TO ME to be a cause for potential long term trouble but then again ... I'm not a TOIT lawyer.
  • In a number of different web sites......Ferrari has stated that the team is having Michael using his OZ engine. This ties in with the possibility of Ferrari using the new car at Bahrain. The 2004M is using the 2004 engine which is different then the 2005 engine that is used in the 2005 car (and in this years Sauber). It would make no sense for Ferrari to use a new 2004 engine at Sepang and then have to take a 10 position penalty at Bahrain if the team introduces the F2005.........
  • these rules are crap
  • Yep.

    And they don't reduce costs.
  • soccer rules nearly never change....

    FIA rules change everyday...
  • these rules are crap
    Max is crap
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