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Engine movements.

With the new V8 regulations in the offing, the teams seem to be trying to secure their engine deals asap. Some interesting thoughts have come to mind which we could discuss.
BMW and Williams - that party is over and Beamer look to be about to leave. They seem really peed off with Williams, 10 wins in 5 seasons and a mutha load of money. Not good. They could hardly do any worse with Sauber.
Williams need to reappraise their whole technical setup. This is the second year in a row their car is off the pace. Anybody hearing Cosworth?
Midland - there seems to be a lot of talk that they are looking at TOIT for an engine supply. They must be mad. Surely its not worth the politicking or the expense. AFAIK Dallara has designed the car to run with a cosworth engine.
RBR looking at Honda for a supply - unlikely lokks like Cosworth are going to be supplying 40% of the grid.


  • cant we just go back to the un relable hart v8s frm 1997
  • We've talked about Hart here before Bish. He was in many ways like Minardi, getting the hell out of his limitd resources. I really miss this guy.

    Petrol you still think BMW will buy itself out of Williams' contract to swith to Sauber exlucisvely? I can't believe that. Expect the swiss getting a cust supply IMHO.
  • Funny Brian Hart should come up. I was reading about his career and did you know he actually raced in the German GP 1967 in a F2 Car? http://8w.forix.com/hart.html

    Yep if you love Minardi then you have to love Brian Hart. Engineer supreme!
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