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I just quit my job

They've been ripping me off hours, but I can live with that.

But what really shit me was working 10+ hour shifts and not even getting a 5 min paid break, and Matt (my boss) getting pissed off because I was literally one minute late while at the same time constantly doing unpaid favors (an hour or more) for the company.

I threatened to quit last night, but Matt wanted me to come in to have a talk.
Typically we never got to, because knowing him, it would of been after work - so he didn't have to pay me

The last straw was when a customer didn't pick up his pizza, so Matt brought it out to where me and Lauren were and said we could have it (as is routine), about 15 mins later when me and Lauren went out fo a 5 min smoke break he said to me "and fill up your belly so your not eating when you're working"
WTF? He gave me a pizza and told me to eat it? Then gets pissed off 'cos I did!
And at the same time he was eating one - when working!!

Fuck them :spank:

[Edited on 18/3/2005 by Clown]


  • Evil capitalist pigs.
  • My Thoughts are with you Clown. If it wasn't for the fact of having a Mortgage, Family, Credit Cards, Car Payments and a up coming trip to Imola I'd quit in sympathy!
  • Way to go Johnny Paycheck on 'em! From what I could gather about where you work, there are waaay easier ways to make your money than take that kind of S***.
  • Now is the time you order pizza's and dont pick them up - or get them delivered to the managers wifes house :D
  • Thats no good clown. I reckon you should take this Lauren chick and give her what for, that'd make you feel a lot better. :cool:

    Apologies if she's a relative/sister.
  • "Lozza" has got a great rack! :P :P

    Thats the only thing I'll miss about work - the hot young chicks, particularly Meliisa :(
  • There ARE other pizza joints or other places of employment in town ... right?
  • There ARE other pizza joints
    Dominos (who I worked for) ran Pizza Haven out of business then moved into threir location 3 weeks ago, and now Eagle Boys want to move into the old Dominos location so Dominos ae still renting it out :P
    It would be easier to get a pizza gig at Mrs Salvo's place :hehe:
    or other places of employment in town ... right?
    Well see...
  • Get back to Dominos, this town aint big enough for two job seekers.
  • You irresponsible motherfucker, shouldn't have left Lozza and Melissa alone!
  • now, now...there is no need for that...

    the word is batty boy :hehe:
  • You get a job to fix the car.

    You left alone two nice racks? SLACKER :spank: :hehe:
  • You irresponsible motherfucker, shouldn't have left Lozza and Melissa alone!
    LMAO :hehe:
  • You get a job to fix the car.
    Luckily working 7days 50hours+ ment I had no time to spend money so I've got a nice bundle saved for a new car. I've got an eye on a nice Exa on Ebay at the moment
    You left alone two nice racks? SLACKER :spank: :hehe:
    Actually Melissa doesn't have much of a rack, but my god she's HOT :P
    That said, the other nice (HUGE) rack was on Cherrie - the 16yo virgin :hehe:
  • The way that things work today, I wonder if I could get pinched for child pornography for reading that post?

    Do at least try to keep the level a shade above subteranean.
  • You should be busted for terrorist poettry, uncivilized booze consumption in public places and surely Matt and Viges can help me out making up the list of all yer faults and sins.:mad:
    BTW what are you going to visit in your holidays? Made a decision already?
  • I plan to sit on my arse. Right on my arse :D
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