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My MCM merchandise - Junior?

I've joined, and paid you, what am I waiting for? I was expecting an email... :spank:


  • Same here, I paid about 2-3 days before Melbourne and still no e-mail.
  • Junior's on the shonk...... ;)
  • ahah... relax peoples. I've been bloody busy!

    Firstly P1, I need your address. Perhaps if you email me, then I can do eveyone at once (that includes you equigley).

    I promise I'll be down the post office during my lunch break on Monday!
  • emailed.

    btw, you planning on doing updates on that Minardi Club site? Zsolt isn't there anymore and you haven't updated the tipping comp with Melb results....

    [Edited on 19/3/2005 by MinardiP1]
  • you mean you want me to change the picture in the banner?
  • To start with. ;)

    No pics of Friesacher and Albers in the header....
  • my word, MinardiP1 actually paid for something :hehe:

    [Edited on 19/3/2005 by forzaminardi]
  • ok P1, you will have patty in the header in about 60 seconds... tell me what you think.
  • it was tough rj... if I recall correctly he did try and short change me as well. haha... true!:P:D

    So, refresh your cache... the new header. thoughts on a postage stamp?
  • I was there and saw the exchange take place.

    One of those deals where you give me thirty and I'll give you five and that's my thirty five taken care of.

    Very Abbot & Costello.
  • ok, you should have them by now.

    Emmett, yours is going in the post next Thursday when the misses arrives in the US (I'll do anything to save a buck). I'm still pissed I'm not going!
  • So am I. We would have had a blast.
  • Got mine today, thanks Rohan. :D
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