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minardi f1 team appreciates forzaminardi.com fans...

this is the message from the team.

was there this morning and now back home waiting for the race. spin went together with me as we managed another pass.

have sent some interesting pics to robert-jan...waiting for him to upload now...where's he?????


  • fell backwards and passed out when I saw the picture, uploading it as we speak:hehe:
  • the anticipation is a killer, hurry up RJ!
  • haha gun! :D
  • WOW!!!!!!

    A little who's who maybe?
    I know the person on the right is Dr Spin.
  • it's on the front page

    Massimo Rivola (lost quite some weight) Team Manager/Sporting Director and Richard Wren, Head of engines dept.
  • So THAT's Massimo.

    I always thought he would be the small fellow with the glasses and the goatee and black hair that we always see around the cars !!
  • you mean tilley?
  • Gotta hand it to the crab, great pictures. Thanks!

    ... and a special thank you for the team for this gesture. I reckon we all appreciate it. Even Matt, who is secretly lurking in the shadows.
  • it's awesome isn't it? *sniff*
  • I bet TOIT wouldn't do something like this!
  • image

    Is Tilley the guy in the middle?
  • no, the one with the headphones in his neck
  • That's Tilley? Interesting. And who is the guy in the middle? I see him very often on pictures, thought first that it might be Tredozi...
  • no, I don't know who he is, it's not tredozi



    is tredozi
  • Yeah, I know, that's why I wrote "I thought it might be Tredozi.

  • The mystery man inthe middleis the oneI thought was Massimo.
    I always see himaround the cars and talking to the drivers.
    I suppose he must be the chief engineer or something ?!?!
  • That's Massimo (on the other side of the pic with Richard and me) and he assured us we should have the PS05 for Imola.

    Stoddie and I watched the qualifying with the four former Minardi drivers filling up the front rows.

    Paul takes some genuine pride and pleasure in seeing the guys succeed.

    He is also getting quite a lot of support for his stand on the regulations. I've said it before that I admire the guy, and know it takes guts to stick up for your principles.

    It must be obvious to all that running a single set of tyres for qualifying and race isn't doing anything for safety. What do the other changes add to the race?

    Although I was pleased to see Alonso win a hard hot race, to me Sepang 05 wasn't as interesting as F1 should be. Nice to see Ferrari off the front and looking pretty ordinary.

    It was bloody hot for us spectators too, and the haze didn't help.

    My digital camera batteries died before the race so I'll have to wait for the CD from the film. Tomorrw I'll post hopefully.


    [Edited on 20/3/2005 by Dr_Spin]
  • image
    No-one looks cooler than Tilley! :cool:
  • He looks like a thinner, younger, Peter Jackson with that hair and lack-of-a-shave look. :hehe:

  • And is KL always THAT poluted? I was thinking there must have been bushfires around, but apparently not.
  • there were, sepang is next to the airport (actually when you leave the entrance hall you can see the grand stands of the F1 circuit) so it's nowhere near anything that could produce that much pollution. must have been a combination of the haze and the usual "slash and burn" in Indonesia
  • The haze was quite widespread.
    I had it all the way back to KL and couldn't really pin-point where it was coming from.

    Could have been from Indonesia, although it didn't seem to worry the jets. They were above it, I guess.

    Sound like you all saw more of the action than I did from trackside and the stands.

  • Well done Fifi and Spin.

  • Remember people - Massimo taking that pics for us is roughly the equivalent of Todt or Dennis or Flav doing the same for a group of fans.

    Not likely.

  • BTW- Spin. Thaks for wearing your MCSF hat!
  • mcsf aka emmet,

    massimo sent his personal regards to you and your members.

    sorry, just remembered....must be alzheimers or something...
  • Ahhhh - he still loves us!

    He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. races - or raced some super bike in a testing role for Suzuki I think....not sure of the manufacturer.

    Facty/Spin - both of you get huge marks in Minardi fandom.
  • Nice nice nice :D
  • So, nobody knows the name of the middle guy in the pic with Tilley and Albers ??????????
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