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MGP airshow...


that is one mega pic of the mig (is it a mig?) you took there!

how close to the ground were they flying?

missed that as was on the road back to the comfort of my chair and the tv for the race.


  • The MIGs did some low passes.
    I put that shot in to show I can still catch a jet on the fly.
    RJ might put in the other shot of one flying upside down if someone asks him.

    The RMAF did their usual stunt of flying one MIG in very conspicuously while the other four sneak in from another direction and surprise the hell out of the crowd. Never fails!

    Actually it was harder getting shots of the Minardis, or other teams for that matter, down the strait. All my Minardi shots were either half out the frame or behind a fence post.

    1/2000 can freeze them but pressing the shutter at the right moment is harder. I appreciate our drivers reflexes when they have to brake in that last 100m before a corner and deal with traffic too.

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