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Man is it Cold

Whew - it is sure cold here. I know I know - you are asking how can we survive? Well, its tough but sometimes ya just have to throw on another sweater

From a local TV Stations web site:

SAN FRANCISCO -- The bitter cold air that has stalled over California triggered another wave of record lows early Wednesday with San Francisco matching a 32-year-old mark and Oakland, Los Angeles and Burbank among others setting new records, according to the National Weather Service.

The cold wave dropped temperatures to record-tying lows of 42 degrees in San Francisco and 32 in Sacramento and to record levels of 39 in Oakland (former record 40 in 1976), of 41 in Los Angeles and 33 in Burbank.

It marked a third day of such lows. On Tuesday, the cold wave dropped temperatures to 41 degrees in San Francisco overnight, to 38 in Oakland, to 27 in Stockton, 30 at the Santa Barbara airport and 37 degrees in Long Beach. The old records were 42 in San Francisco set in 1897, 40 in Oakland set in 1996 and 27 in Stockton first set in 1954


  • You can blame bin laden!!!!

    (just joking) :D

    I hate the cold but I also hate the long heatwaves we usually have in summer!

    The world is moving to extreme weather it seems! We are moving towards another extinction like the ice age or something? Summers are getting hotter and hotter, and winters colder and colder.
  • How much is that in degrees Celcius/centigrades ????
  • nice question
  • -41 F = -40.4 C = FFFFFF**ing FF FFF FF Free zzzingggg
  • It's been that cold here for weeks, stop complaining.
  • 5.5 is VERY DIFFERENT from -40!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5.5 degrees celcius?? So when is it getting cold? Cos that is quite warm. I wal to work in a t-shirt when it is 3 degrees celcius (body heat makes you sweat if you wear a jumper!)

    You bloody wimp Emmitt. Get your ass over to Minnesota or Illinois or something!
  • Finally somebody got it. Oh over here it is all the news - it ain't even freezing yet and the people 'round here have their panties all up in a bunch.

  • Yeah pisses me off when people here go on about how cold it is and how awful it is. It ain't freezing!!! Go to the arctic and then you'll find out! Always makes me laugh when I'm in a t-shirt walking to work and I walk past someone with gloves, scarf, thick coat........I think ...asshole!
  • Exact opposite here - it was 43C on Tuesday, hottest day ever in Forster, and it was extraordinary as we live right on the coast. Hell, the beach is about 2 kilometres from me.

    43C = 109.4F (thanks Clown)
  • btw, State high was 44.7C (112.46F) at Singleton, about 2 hours from me. :P
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