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Minardis Pre Season

After hearing rumours of possible wind tunnel testing and race testing this gives me the feeling of a possible half decent season along with half the chance of watchin eddie jordan havin to pick his arse up when he sees 2 minardis goin past a travelin jordan , how much is testing these days but i get the feeling that bridgestone finally realised they need our help afterlosin so many teams to michelin that they are stumpin up some cash to help us and also would all 10 or so drivers who tested last week have paid for the privilage and can any1 tell me who was the last driver to drive for us without havin to stump up sponsorship in think it was marques any confirmation


  • I think you are being a tad optimistic - but then again I predict we will win the WCC every year.

    I think Alonso did not have to stump for sponsors.
  • It'll be better than 2004 :D
  • I wonder how it could get much worse:o
  • We did get a point :D
  • Alonso brought lease plan with him. Webber had Stoddart cash, somewhere down the line all drivers have paid.

    I think Anthony Davidson didnt pay when he had his 2-3 runs. In hindsight if we took him and his contract, we may have made money off him if he got sold to another team......
  • Alonso did have lease plan but I think it was also a bit of interest due to Briatore for past issues IMO.

    Davidson made it quite clear that no way no how would he ever drive a Minarid full time.
  • you defintely seem a little overoptimistic bish - i think its still early to say or give predictions.
  • remember the saying "if you think you have lost then you have have already"

    nout wrong with confidence and tryin to take hope into the new season , maybe ppl like you should stop thinkin bout the worst , accept it and give the team full support instead of tryin to put down supporters at every opportunity
  • remember the saying "if you think you have lost then you have have already"
    Yes, master Yoda !!!:hehe:
  • Bish does have a point optimism is good (and essential around here) so long as its not blind, and there does seem to be the odd reason to be confident that '05 will be better and some progress made.

    Now all we need is the team to announce two good drivers, big title sponsor and GCM as Race Director and I'll be as anyone likes!!!:P
  • Of course we must hope for the best but the past two seasons have been poor. That is the trend. As I have said before, sponsorship is key and I hope there is a big (or even medium!) announcement in the next few months.
  • By this time last year the team had both drivers confirmed. This is not good news: it means wealthy sponsored drivers are harsher to find.
    Maybe if Bush encourages all the religious yanks to pray for a good 05 chassis and engine:hehe:
  • Yoko, Minardi didnt have both drivers signed this time last year, Bruni was signed on the 13th and then Zsolt on the 23rd of December.
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