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  • shame. Why don't he come to faenza?
    (would be great)
    liuzzi is doing fine.
  • Not true. When he and Webber were on track together he was matching him. Heidfeld never got to run on the optimum conditions, only the drying track.
  • Williams source tells The Guardian that it's Pizza's seat to lose at the moment; unlikely, then.

    Red Bull boss tells Autosport that DC is top of his list. Mmmm ...
    DC and Liuzzi would be tasty, in my view, but I know most of you lot are prejudiced against DC. Red Bull needs experience and set-up know-how. DC better than Wurz or Heidfeld in my humble ...
  • I'm with GCM, DC should quit.
  • DC better than Wurz or Heidfeld in my humble ...
    Is that in a drugged state that opinion? At least Heidfeld makes the best of the equipment he has.......unlike Critan.
  • The real test is today when Pizzaboy and Heidfeld go head to head. I expect the pizzaman to fail to deliver once again with the pressure on.
    I for one would be very interested to see how Webber copes with a team mate who won't present him with an open goal at every opportunity.
  • I'm with GCM, DC should quit.
    Where was that quote published?

    GCM seems to be getting more press lately - any word what is behind it?
  • [quote]I'm with GCM, DC should quit.
    Where was that quote published?

    GCM seems to be getting more press lately - any word what is behind it? [/quote]

    Maybe the world at large is realising that people with his knowledge/experience are few and far betweenor he's raising his profile tobuy back the team????

    Also surely it's not just GCM saying that but EVERYBODY(who's sane)
  • I heard GCM saying that on tv some weeks ago.
  • Heidfeld finished today a full second faster than pizzaboy.
  • Yes, but Nick drove twice as much rounds as Pizzaboy did. I'm quite sure that Williams will take Pizza and Nick goes to Red Bull or becomes a test driver... what a waste of talent.
  • So Heidfeld has had 2 days in the car, Pizzaman a season. Who's quickest. I think BMW want Heidfeld and Williams would benefit from his superior tech feedback.
  • BMW is pulling for Nick, according to Gerhard Berger.
  • I heard GCM saying that on tv some weeks ago.
    GCM on TV - now that is cool. I should move.
  • Noone can say Heidfeld does not deserve a crack at a top drive. He was bummed by McClaren when they took Raikkonen after outperforming the Finn all that season.
    Heidfeld out of F1 when you have wasters like DC who have a decent car all their career and do jack.........I don't think so...Williams should be MADE to take on Heidfeld........if you do well, I think you've earned the right for at least a crack at the top, even if it is only for a year.
  • I rate Nick too, easily better than Pizza.

    I also maintain Red Bull could do a lot worse than have DC as its 'experience' driver: who else would you have? de la Rosa, Wurz, err ...
  • I think Zsolt should go to Red Bull. After all he is a proven point scorer! That's POINT scorer.

    It's obvious that Webber doesn't want pizza boy to partner him, accsuing him of lying about what equipment Jag gave him. I too would like Nick to have a chance in a top team.

    That's Point scorer!
  • Hang On - wasn't it confirmed by the Dutchies and other Webber-bashers on here that Pizzaboy was getting screwed on equipment? I thought it got repeated so often it became a 'fact'.

    Webber: That's horseshit. Pizzaboy is lying, and he knows it. Loser.

    Hope that finally shuts you all up. :spank:
  • Keep your panties on P1. You're acting like you're on crack.

    I applaud Webber's words, even if SFW doesn't. Especially if he doesn't, actually.
  • Ahh on this point I might agree with Viges. Red Bull would do well to have Coulthard as a development driver, a tester...I don't think he's worthy of a F1 drive but as a third driver and tester he could be invaluable.
  • Indeed, and he's a public relations chap, ideal for the ideas of Red Bull CEO.
    But if GCM says so I guess he knows why better than me...

    I don't get why the english media is bashing Heidfeld so much. He's not taking the seat from a brit after all, pizza is brazilian. Interesting the way this was quoted in Pitpass. They think british media sux, and I mainly agree.
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