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  • Sadist :P
  • When tis first broke - the story that is, I knew the whole tennis thing was bullshit. I was going to make comments like only homo's play tennis etc but figured that might be taken as insensitive.

    Now that I read a MX incident I think this is more in line with the truth - but he is probably going to have contractual problems as most teams have prohibitions in place for such activities.

    I think is started when Depallier (SP?) cashed a hang glider or something like that...
  • Mmmm.... tennis can be dangerous you know.......

    In 1983 ?? Stefan Edberg hit a linesman that awkward that he fell on his head and the poor man died 5 days later.....
  • Hey I know a guy who broke his leg playing Table Tennis (PingPong) but thats a story for a Bologna Bar!! :D
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