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Autosport Feature on Minardi

This weeks Autosport has a main feature on 20 years of Minardi. Plenty of History with photo pics of the car and drivers. I can't remember the last time a specialist magazine did a main feature on Minardi.
Interestingly the team's present situation was summed up by Flavio Briatore who said that Stoddart should forget about politics and concentrate on improving the team.


  • Thanks for the heads up. I wonder if this has anything to do with their merger with Atlas, who did an identical feature not too long ago.
  • Could be. I would recommend you purchase this weeks magazine. Could be a great collectors item!
  • Over here it is a question of

    1. Finding a place that has Autosport consistently

    2. Knowing which week to really go as they get the delivery dates all mixed up

    I used to subscribe but by the time I got the magazine in the mail all the news was weeks old.
  • Any aussies know anyone in Australia who stocks Autosport?
  • I thought Salvo's interview on here was way superior for insight and new facts - the Autosport thing was just a few quotes, linked by the usual cliches, alongside a few stock photos. At least they remember Minardi exist, but Autosport is like F1 itself - shinier but somehow less interesting.
  • P1, any large newsagency would sell them. (they do in melb anyway) I used to buy them weekly, but now at $10 a pop I don't bother any more.

    I may make a purchase of the Minardi issue that PT mentioned though.

    Unless you buy the "airmail" copy which is around $15-$20 and is current, normally we get the mag about 2 weeks behind Britain.

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  • My local newsagent in Penrith stocks Autosport, but like Superoo says they're $12 each! (latest copy at least)
  • You mean someone in Penriff can read!!!!!!! :hehe: ;)
  • Funneeeeeey - i'm from the Hawkesbury way so take the piss all you want :P
  • Having just caught up with the Autosport article I would recommend it.

    GCM speaks of the first GP when he operated the jack and had to ask around the paddock for help with one of the wheels 'The beautiful thing is that this is something which could happen. Nowadays it would be impossible and considered unprofessional. What a pity!'

    The piece also talks to one of the mechanics whose been there since the start - there are another four! He and Trulli say GCM's only fault is being too nice.

    Lovely photos and confirmation that the great man will be at Imola.
  • Andat dinner with some of us.

    Don't worry Viges old bean, chip chip and all that - we are looking into alternatives as we speak.

    Cheerio o.
  • Just got my Autosport copy. It was an air freight copy $9.95, for the Aussies,

    P1 , try your local newsagency now. There's one left at my local, in Port Melbourne, for any Melbournians.
  • Motorsport News (Aussie mag) also has a Minardi feature this week.
  • Hey can one of your ferign devils that is going to Imola pick one up for me? OR will one of you let me know the date on the issue as I have been checking here but the delivery is sporadic and I am jonsing for a look at this issue.


    grazie y'all
  • Any word on this fellas? Can't ya help a brother out? I still need an issue date - if not one hand delivered to Italy for me.

    Please please please!
  • Yo MCSC...PM me your address and Ill post a copy to you...Be quick though as Im on holiday from Friday...;)

    Bugger...Speedreading again...Donk know if that issue is still current..Ill have to check...

    [Edited on 13/4/2005 by jason_m]
  • How the hell do I PM ....

    please send it to

    Emmett Quigley
    ms 245-6
    Moffett Field, CA

  • Yeah and make a copy for Jessie Dotson !!
  • Wait a second ....are you referring to the same Jessie I know?
  • ;):P:hehe:
  • Sorry guys..Too much times on other forums:rolleyes:
    Ive checked the current issue and its not in that one...Ill try to get in touch with the back issue dept..Can someone confirm the issue date for this copy???
  • I just went in and talked to her - I told her you were from Holland or belgium or Germany - I really can't remember.

    Is this David R?
  • The issue is
    Vol 179 No 13
    dated 31st March 2005

    Its not a bad article with nice pictures, but it could of gone into a bit more detail about some key events during the twenty years.
  • Right on - thats the kind of support I like!
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