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Minardi driver on pole...

Go Fernando... great effort in final qualifying. Im starting to think Fernando might actually be better than Webber...

Rubens not going into Parc Ferme... that is crap. So why should ANYONE go into Parc Ferme now? Just complete your laps, pull up at the end of the straight and push it into the garage... crap effort TOIT. Surely the FIA would not look kindly at this.


  • *cough*MinardiMelbourne2004*cough*

    (or whatever year it was)
  • Go on,....give us the impression that a mass virus wiped out 90% of the grid.

    Now there's idea no one has thought of yet!

    [Edited on 3/4/2005 by PistonBroke]
  • haha... Webber did very well, 5th place and all but in F1 you have to take your chances when they come.

    Webber took his then, but unfortunately that is still his best f1 finish, 5th. Sure he was on the front row in Malaysia, but by the first corner I think he was 9th.

    I love the guy, he's the best thing for F1 in Australia, but the quality of Alonso is becoming increasingly apparent. At the end of the day, it comes down to race wins doesn't it?

    Webber: 0
  • welcome piston...

    clown, your thoughts on drivers qualifying but not going into parc ferme? is this simply flouting the spirit of the laws?

  • Please please....

    Next time title this thread as: "EX MINARDI DRIVER ON POLE"

    It makes a hell of a difference...

    I thought Albers managed to get a phenominal time this morning and beated Alonso!:D
  • haha... bit of realism never goes astray.

    Barrichello sent to the back... good!

    Why should I have doubted the FIA's ability to enforce it's own rules. The mind boggles.
  • clown.. webber destined to finish 5th again after spinning out of a podium finish?
  • That was disappointing, but he wasn't the only driver to lose it there during the race. :angel:

    C'mon Webbo - get a fucking podium already! :o
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