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Good news

for the financial wealth of this merry community
As we have done every year for 6 years, Tera-Byte is pleased to offer you a Christmas Special again this year. In the past, we have offered 18 months for the price of 12 and 50% more space and transfer. This year is even better!

If you renew for a year by December 24, 2004, you'll get two years for the price of one. We'll also double your space and transfer -- for forzaminardi.com that's 198 megs of space and 40 gigs of monthly transfer for two full years for only $99!


  • You need some $ to help offset the cost?
  • Only fair to contribute, let us know RJ
  • Yep I'm all for giving the poor poverty stricken student soem help, just let me get my holiday and my house move done first!!
  • How many people view this site daily? I'd think it was a fair few. What was the feedback like from the DrinkX link? Maybe RJ could hunt down someone willing to advertise on FM. So long as they dont want pop-ups.
  • Sadly it doesn't get that many hits, particularly in the offseason
    6 november 2004 94
    7 november 2004 140
    8 november 2004 140
    9 november 2004 144
    10 november 2004 158
    11 november 2004 178
    12 november 2004 128
    13 november 2004 75
    14 november 2004 93
    15 november 2004 194
    16 november 2004 172
    17 november 2004 228
    18 november 2004 204
  • Yep, we'll try to help if the need arises!
  • Timings tricky :-
    I'll be hunting down the back of the sofa - but Im sure I can help a little
  • i somehow have qualms of accepting money from you guys (especially from the ones who in the past already have contributed a fair bit by buying a tshirt or participating in the bets etc etc)

    i just wanted to show you that it's not that expensive to run this place with this new offer (and after all I put it on my CV)
  • Oh lovely.....so you're loaded......I'll know where to come when I need a loan :D he he
  • loaded me? yeah right
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