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Scoop of the Century

Scoop of the Century (I can't spell Millenium)

PS005 (I'm giving hope to the future - 3 digits)

While travelling down the coast road and onto my property, my neighbour Paul, (I can't think of his last name) has a private test track. Usually used for his light planes and karts. Well, it seems like he owns an F1 team, so I took some shots to share with you all. Upon sighting me, the security guards and dogs surrounded me and forced me to hand over the images. I sneaked one photo out and this is what I got.


The info I got was even more revealingthan the photo. It seems he has a number of old jet engines left over from his aviation business. He's ripped off the i-pods, oops, side pods and bolted these in place. I understand the rules say a V10 engine must be fitted, but it doesn't say it has to be the power source. I understand top speed in well in excess of 600kmh! That should blow the competition away, especially when the afterburner is applied.

Cornering is a bit tricky, but it's early days. The air intake for the engine has been converted for reverse thrust to help overcome this problem. Amazing!

We understand that other elements from the parts bin are also used, no wastage in this outfit. The cockpit comes with a fold down food tray for when the drivers need a little breather. Air sickness bags are also supplied in a handy pouch to the side of the driver.

But wait there's more. The air hostesses are being used to check the tyres at the pitstops. Since they don't change tyres anymore, each hostess gently glides her hand over to make sure all is well. Nothing like a short skirt to get the TV cameras focussed on the Minardi pits.

All these should help one of the best loved teams, climb to that little podium that they haven't quite reached yet.

Anyway, must go,...back to the medication. Hic!


  • Cornering is a bit tricky
    What? No vectored trust?

    BTW: :hehe:
  • [quote]Cornering is a bit tricky
    What? No vectored trust?

    That part was top secret information.

    By the way, can you 'patent an idea', say for instance, a radical internal radiator design, and have that technology advantage for a number of years before the patent expires?
  • I'll have the chicken, please.
  • Hehe :hehe:
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