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New big sponsor for Minardi?

According to the dutch magazine Formule1, Lodewijk Varossieau, the manager of Albers is close to an arrangement with a big dutch energy company.
But he was not willing to talk about Trust. There are new talks between Michel Perridon and the management of Jos Verstappen to find a solution for the exclusive contract which doesn't allow Trust to sponsor ALbers in F1.

Lets wait and see, I don't have much respect for Mr. Varrossieau. Another man, like Perriodon, who loves to be found important.


  • I've heard whispers that the PS05 will debut alongside a title sponsor, this would fall in line with such rumors...
  • Would be nice if it could be NUON, that would be an intersting colourscheme:
  • Colorscheme ?? for the car???

    I thought it wasn't allowed to change the colorscheme during season ?!?!
  • Not to that colourscheme they're not, because it's horrible.
  • I've heard whispers that the PS05 will debut alongside a title sponsor, this would fall in line with such rumors...
    I've heard that too.... would make sense to be associated with the new car and improved performance.
  • I also heard rumours about a main-sponsor on the PS05.... would be very nice.
  • Would be nice if it could be NUON, that would be an intersting colourscheme:
    Ya - if we wwere all hairdressers.

    What the hell do they do/sell anyway?
  • They're working with alternative energy-sources.
  • That wouldn't make any sense at all - an alternative energy supplier aligning themselves with a member of one of the world's great petrol & oil burning pastimes....
  • CO2 is also sponsoring us....
  • What the hell do they do/sell anyway?
    They sell electricity and gas (public utility) and had a monopoly for many years here in the eastern part of Holland and have lots of money. There are more energy companies in Holland now, Essent is another big fish. But their administration is a mess and currently the topmanagers of both companies are critisized in the press because they earn too much money for everyones taste and underperforming at the same time. Many customers have a lot of complains, both charging them too high bills for current and gas they never used. They are still partly owned (or at least NUON is) by the government and will get resistance from the public if they are going to sponsor Minardi with lots of money.
    And secondly, I don't see a reason for such a company to sponsor F1 worldwide, when only Holland is their market.

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  • Which leads me to air a thought that has been looking for escape for some time.

    FM.COM has members from around the world. These members are exposed to the media in their countries and to some extent at least, to developments regarding home-grown multinationals.

    Would it not be helpful to have some place on this site where such information could be deposited and periodically forwarded to Minardi? Sort of like a lead service.

    Any thoughts?
  • Charlie & Camilla will have a poor sex life...... oh you mean about the sponsor thing?! My bad, sorry. :angel:

  • I'd love to help but we're a little low on multinationals here at the moment. Sorry.
  • Come on Skruff- we're the biggest exporters of lamb and dairy products in the world (braces for barrage of dodgy jokes). Fontera is a multinational in anyones book.
  • Too true.
  • don't think it will be NUON or Essent.. the dutch governement is investigating the enormous bonusses the ceo's of those two company gave themselves last year, while their companies were losing money left and right..

    Maybe it will be ENECO, looking at the bills they send me each month they must be rolling in cash..

    how would this look on the PS05? (it does have 'speedlines' ;) )

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  • There are rumours that Trust is talking with the Verstappen-management and that both parties want to solve their contractproblems. If the talks are indded succesfull Trust would be prominent on the PS05 from Imola onwards.

    Bring on the cash !!
  • Albers went yesterday to a soccer match between NAC-Feyenoord with some sponsors who also invest in the soccer club NAC.
    The man under Albers is Perridon from Trust, is this a sign that Trust will be back at Minardi soon


    As we see Albers enjoyed himself
  • It appears that the man under CA wears a helmet?;):hehe: Perridon sits in front of him....
  • haha ofcourse in front of him:D
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