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  • Nice - but source? History? Etc
  • Looks like a BAR combined with a Renault... I like it :P

    Well, we'll see the truth in 2 weeks,
  • Will this be really the PSO5:P
  • The sidepods still look gigantic...
  • it was on CA's forum.............
  • Mmmm, it looks like that the rearwing is not beginning exactly above the rearaxis. I think it is some kind of render for the racegame Grandprix 4.
  • Looks like an A1GP front wing :P
  • If someone has made this up, then they have gone to alot of trouble.
  • It is probably a fake. The person who posted it says that he received it from someone who works for a Swiss company who makes CAD drawings for Stoddart. And than he posted a picture of "drawings" from the updated PS04 and claims that it is of the same source. Look at the logo. And the tyres, they are Michelins!! :hehe: It's Grandprix 4 stuff.

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  • I hope this is the go!

    Check out some of the detail! The turning veins are incorporated into a twin keel setup (maybe a tri-keel like a Renault?). This is coupled with wider prongs to attach the front wing, and a very large opening between the suspension to push alot of air through towards the diffuser. There's a few other funky looking features like the curvy sidepods, the canyon between the engine cover and the sidepods, the engine cover wing and the curvy rear wing...

    Alas, if you look closely you'll see the rear wing doesn't align with the rear axle centre, meaning this is drawn to 2004 regs...perhaps this is what they had in mind after their tunnel work?
  • I don't think you can call Renault's car a "tri-keel". It's two keels pointed in towards one another and meeting at a single point where the suspension attaches.
  • I believe that's what they call it. If Ferrari use a single keel and Mclaren a twin, then the Renault is more like a 'one and a half keel.' They also claim however that it was their idea, but in reality it was Jordan who first ran it last season...
  • V-Keel.

    I don't recall Jordan running anything like that.. they used a twin keel for ages though.
  • It was in F1 Racings tech section last season. They brought it in as a way to increase the structural rigidity of their front end, while keeping the same or similar suspension geometry to the previous season to cut costs.
  • The fact that this picture does not comply with 2005 rules is not so disturbing. Bruni said last season that originally minardi was planning on starting the 2004 season with a new car, but that didn't happen.

    My guess is that this is one of the windtunnel models from last season, this years car would be a developed version then
  • Welcome Snoeper.
  • thanks :)

    btw, I found something curious on the minardi.it site

    these are pictures of bahrein 2005, check it out:

    check out the nose in the second picture, it's a nose we have never used this season, we used it in the test session, do you think it could be a PS05 part or not?

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  • It looks like a PS02 frontwing. The nose is the same
  • ahh, that's the one i got sent :-) (see other thread)
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