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Wrong airline

Damn it, its a real shame that this airline does not fly internationally.........Must have a word with them......

What I want to know is, if you go 1st class what additional privileges do you get :D


Ha ha check out the video on that site too, 'ten reasons to fly....'

I cannot believe that this airline has a medium range aircraft too


[Edited on 3/12/2004 by StoddieBasher]


  • But think of the werido's you've have to hare the plane with :P
  • hooters, what a weird, weird concept that is and "I pity da fool" who actually enjoys it

    has anyone seen the "raisins" episode of south park?
  • has anyone seen the "raisins" episode of south park?
  • There is a Hooters a few miles from my house. Never been there. However, somebody has to go as they are doing quite well.
  • Don't you have to be heterosexual to go there? :P
  • Listen up smartass - this is San Francisco.
  • Quig, I think the last part of your statement made Matt's argument for him!!!!;)
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