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  • I'm still counting on Friday though.
  • I'm still counting on Friday though.
    ........... and a final thread ? ;)
  • will the PS05 ever be ready??:rolleyes:
  • thought I read were it will be launched at Imola on the 21st...just when the Minardifest 05 crew will be visiting the pits......
  • the mind boggles....
  • pff... the same story as i put up with a stronger headline...
  • Well, I know that F1Racing.net is not the best source, but they were quotin Christijan himself. I don't think they invent quotes for a guy which they are sponsoring - doesn't make much sense to me.

    If the article on f1racing is right, Christijan will do a seat-fitting tomorrow. I don't give up hope - We will test on Friday!

    Forza Minardi!
  • I think Graham Jones knows better than CA when the car CAN be tested, if he says it may not be ready than that is the case.
  • as I told you homer, f1racing is VERY unreliable!
  • Yeah, but F1Total.com was also reporting it.

    To GJs answer: I think it is his job to deny everything that has not been announced by the team. I stay optimistic....
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