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From F1racing.net:
'LG' to sponsor F1 team?

LG appeared on the front of Alonso's Minardi in 2001
Electronic giant 'LG' may become a F1 team sponsor in 2006. BAR is the favourite, according to speculation, with McLaren also in with a shout. LG, already the main sponsor of British broadcaster ITV's GP coverage and last year's F1 car parade in Regent Street, admitted they are 'dipping our toe in' this year.

The spokesperson told the April edition of F1 Racing magazine: "If (the ITV sponsorship) is successful, we will look at our options."

'LG' appeared on the Minardi car, back in 2001.
They should just join Minardi again !!!!!!!:spank:

Seriously though: if they want to sponsor a big(ger) team in 2006, I understand.
But why not start sponsoring Minardi for the remainder of 2005 ???? It would be good for both parties !!!!!;)


  • They should there is a nice space on the engine cover so lots of exposure (get rid of one Ozjet logo). Especially with the new car making overtaking manouvres (fingers crossed).
  • A nice way fo rth em to dip their toes in the water. But seriously it won't happen.
  • A nice way fo rth em to dip their toes in the water. But seriously it won't happen.
    JVC will be welcoming!
  • But isn't JVC just a personal sponsor of CA or do they sponsor the team as well??
  • LG Italia used to sponsor minardi back in 2001
  • We ned to get onto this ASAP. From reports they looked at some of the bigger teams and weren't happy with the way they did business. They have a history with us, so somebody get onto this now!

    The LG Minardi Cosworth PS05 is a consistent midfield point scoring car at least.

    [Edited on 14/4/2005 by oznomad]
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