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NEWS for the GCM diehards - GCM appointed CEO of Minardi?

While hunting around for PS05 shots on the internet, I stumbled on this website. Anyway, the source looks to be from the Minardi Press Office and they have listed GCM as... well, take a look below...


------------------ PS05 C O M I N G S O O N ----------------


Car: Minardi PS05

Engine: Cosworth CR7

Tyres: Bridgestone

Team Principal: Paul Stoddart

Technical Director: Gabriele Tredozi

Sporting Director: Massimo Rivola

CEO: Giancarlo Minardi

Drivers: Christijan Albers/NL , Patrick Friesacher/A

Test Driver: Chanoch Nissany/ISR

Photos © Minardi Press Office

To see the actual page go to: http://www.research-racing.de/gp05a-5.htm and clisk on the Minardi Cosworth PS05 link.

All the other teams details seem to be correct and published from their respective PR people.

I suppose Quig, RJ and a few others in here will be happy if this is acutally confirmed.


  • On TOMS his official title is:
    Gian Carlo Minardi [back]

  • Misinformed author?
  • Thanks for trying to make us feel better. However, what his title is is not as important as what he contribute to the efforts of the team.

    With all his skill and experience he has plenty to offer. Lets hope he is being utilised to the fullest.
  • Another interesting point in the press release on Friday it has
    and when on TOMS if you go to
    there is an error 404 page up.
    We need answers.
  • I don't get the Error.
    It still says what I wrote in my former reply.
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