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The cracks appear

RBR and Jordan will be attending the FIA meeting this week. Really this whole gang of 9 plus 5 is looking like a lot of nonsense.
Its impossible for other teams to impose their will on another competitor.
The case of testing restrictions is a good one. 9 teams decide unilaterally to impose their own rules. In so doing they broke the existing 45 day limit. Now we have a free for all. BAR have used 13 days of their 30 day limit. Does anyone really think they will adhere to that restriction with all the pressures on them to be competitive?


  • yes.

    My understanding is the rule regarding the 45 day limit expired.

    It is impossible for one team to impose their will on another competitor??
    Seriously, do you follow F1 closely? Why do you think Peter Sauber has remained silent on the "gang of 9" issue? Blind Fred can tell you they lived in the back pocket of TOIT for the past couple of seasons, and are just starting to ease their way out now since they have some sort of deal with BMW in the pipeline.
  • Considering RBR and Jordan are under new managment from last season, they never agreed to anything.
  • The dynamic is interesting, to be sure.

    I wouldn't write off the gang just yet, though. They are still pushing ahead with series development through the GPWC and TOIT hasn't actually signed the Concorde yet.

    RBR and Midland will ultimately go where the strength is, and if I were either of those two guys, I'd keep a foot in each camp as well. They don't have any real clout yet, so no-one will really pay that much attention.

    On the other side you have Williams, Dennis, Sauber and Stoddart who are committed.Toyota and Renault, having chosen a path can be expected to stick with it, at least for a while. They are after all, the financial powerhouses in the arrangement. In fact, I wonder if it isn't significant that Tojo sided with the GPWC after TOIT seemingly left it.
  • As the ode saying goes, "when the devil drives..."
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