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“It’s the first totally ground-up new [Minardi] for three years. It’s going to look more Toyota/Renault/Ferrari-ish in that it’s very curved."

Stoddart is confident that the PS05 is the tool his team needs to move off the back row of the grid and start challenging Jordan on a regular basis.




  • wow. that looks very nice, much nicer than the current design. it has jordan and villeneuve beater written all over it!
  • So much for no press.

    Just looking at these images and you can really see the economies that restricted their design.

    The entire driving tub is PS04. The entire rear end is new. Some nice bits on it. IT looks simple and integrated.

    Some interesting wings on the side tub too. Doesn't look complex. Simplicity it key. Well done boys.

    Anyone with ore of an educated view to add???

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  • I still don't buy that the tub is old. AtlasF1 published pictures of moulds for tub halves being cut. That would never have been done if they were recycling the PS04B's.

    I could see it being a simple evolution though, as the PS02 was a sound design.

    I believe the bit everyone is seeing on the engine cover is nothing more than a mark on the bare carbon or possibly a reflection. The oil tank is now housed in front of the engine on every lump used, there's no longer any reason to have anything sitting on top like that.

    The radiators appear to be done more methodically. They look bigger and appear to be positioned at a compound angle, meaning smaller, undercut sidepods. This all adds up to more cooling and better diffuser efficiency. I would imagine that we'll see a few different pieces used to plug up the top of the sidepod, such as gills for cooler conditions and different chimneys.

    One thing that sticks out in my mind is the strut going from the engine or gearbox (possibly) to the floor in front of the rear wheel. That would seem to indicate that the edge of that floor is quite far from the rest of the bodywork and therefore needed to be stiffened. This would be a good sign, meaning a very tight rear end.

    The one thing that I was surprised not to see was an airbox wing.

    All in all the 05 follows last year's aerodynamics philosophy that we saw added to the PS04B. The bodywork inside the rear wheels is similar but evolved. We saw revised sidepod inlets at Imola and now they are going the same direction that those went, but to a much further degree.

    Can't wait to see it up close. :cool:
  • There must be some bodywork missing in behind the rear wheels and that is why that strut is holding the rear cover to the floor. It looks temporary for the test.
  • Hmmm, i doubt it, there are things like that on this years renault, you can see it from the rearward facing camera.

    The strut is there so they dont have to put bodywork there as the bottom bit needs to be supported for the regs.
  • Now we just need to pray that those sidepods don't turn white.
  • Am I the only one who thinks it looks like shit? Not just because it hasn't been painted. It just looks too traditional.

    [Edited on 16/4/2005 by Stan]
  • Yes, I think you are. Shit is such a strong word. The old car looked like shit - mainly 'cause it was three plus years old.
  • Hmm. can't se much detail. But it is possible that they used the PS04 tub. Take off points for the sidepods look very similar.
  • Well done boys and girls. Keeping everything crossed for some good times and maximum attack.

    I think with the wind tunnel/staffing limitations we have you can't expect Minardi to go too radical - it could turn into a monumental joke. They have to nick ideas from cars that work and hope for the best. Now, after those yellow cars boys.

    Forza Minardi!
  • F1racing was reporting that there will be a launch of the car befor Imola.... any news on that?
  • A glowing sketch from me:D

  • Groovy.

    Inverting the colors on the high res shots shows the lines a lot better too.
  • I think the rear end is looking quite good, but do i get the impression that from the driver forward it is still the PS04? The Gloss black finish up front doesn't match with the rest of the new car, and it looks very high and square?

    Also is there a ruling on the height of the air intake as it seems to jut up higher then what is needed??
  • Red Bull achieved great results using a hybrid of last year's jag and their new rear end.

    I'm confident that this car is new, and if it's not then I can look past that when the lap times do the talking.
  • I'm with Jello.
    forza minardi sempre
  • Personally I hope they've got the mech layout right. If so the car will be competitive on the slow to medium speed tracks. As for the aero I doubt we've seen the finished article here. I wonder whether they will addsidepod winglets and an additional wing just anterior to the rear wheels.
  • F1racing was reporting that there will be a launch of the car befor Imola.... any news on that?
    Hints were thrown about that we, the Minardifest 05 crew, will be ....around at that time.

    Once we have on the ground I will make the call and find out the details.
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