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Caption competition 3 (or 4?)


'CA' "Kimi, we at Minardi have a new car next race."

'PdlR' "Yeah Kimi, i've heard it's really radical."

'KR' "eeeeeeuhh mblmlmmhmmblmmbb"

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  • Kimi: "I don't get it?"
  • The morning after was always difficult for Kimi...
  • Kimi : why does your hat look like the back of my car most of the time?
  • Kimi - Welcome to the first committe meeting of the Formula One Blackshirt faction. The first order of business is to welcome new members. Right, answer Si, IlDuce!, when your name is called:

    Pedro De La Rosa:

    Pedro - Si, Il Duce!

    Christijan Albers:

    Christijan - Si Il Duce!

    Patrick Friesacher:

    Christijan - Er......he disappeared with a cigarette lighter and some books behind the pits

    Kimi - Good lad. Juan Pablo Motoya:

    Jaun Pablo - mmmmnnngggfffmnng!

    Kimi - Ah, still finishing the intiation test, I see. How's it comming along Pedro?

    Pedro - Oh....................nearly there
  • kimi's mum: Oh kimi you forgot your underwear.

    Kimi: Oh shit.

  • We have our winner.
  • Hey dudes, nice uhhhhhh, unitards.
  • Pedro: Hey we were thinking we'd go out for drinks after the race: wanna come?
    Christian: yeah, strippers too... woot!
    Kimi: Aww Nuts! My contract says 'in bed by 9pm'
  • Welcome to F1 "Tossing" Grand Finale:hehe:

    He may come the land of dykes but not a harder man can be found than Christian. In true Minardi style he is already lagging behind in the first few strokes.

    Kimi the "Ice Man"! How appropriate, solid, strong and cold to the touch. Robotic, rythmic and focused on the job "in hand".

    Pedro Dela Vavava voooom. 2 years on the sidelines hasn't softened his resolve. With gritted teeth, tecnique is out the window, this is an out and out toss fest, machine gun style.

    Who will come first.

    Christian is losing his grip, Kimi is incomprehensible, and Pedro is doubling his stroke rate. Yes Yess Yesss YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The latin has it. What a mess!

  • Kimi: I promise I'd never ever drink fuel again when I run out of booze.

    Chris to Pedro: Have you checked the recent poems of Lease in Forza, dude?
    Pedro: If i don't read Matt in there I prefer watching the bengals or bash viges chauvinist imperialism if I go to the UK.
  • PDLR to CA: Don't worry you'll get you shot of the X-ray glasses as soon as kimi's finished.

    CA : Cool

    PDLR: What is Kimi looking at anyway?


    PDLR: oh I can't look that image is too terrible to comprehend!!!

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