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Anyone watching the Embassy world championship?


  • No. We're going to Italy. So are you.

  • HeHe that made me chuckle:hehe:, Well I can either do revision (No!) or be absolutly bored so time willl pass even slower! I was stupid and booked the last departure time so I have the longest to wait!!! :(

    Plus I havent got a tv at uni so its bbc online coverage all the way!
  • i'm not seeing it but is our tornado tony taking part?

    he is very off form and has gained a lot of weight!
  • Tony Drago is taking part, he has a 1st round match with Stephen Lee
  • I can read this like a book.

    Its going to be a Hendry v Ronnie final
  • O'Sullivan just slipped through..........

    Lucky bast......
  • any news about tony?
  • how'd hunter and steve davis do.

    Know Matthew stevens and Antony hamilton are through.
  • Tony Drago is losing 6-3 against fat bot Steven Lee

    Hunter lost 10-8 against Michael Holt

    Steve Davies beat Gerard Greene 10-9
  • Just missed the 147-break by Mark Williams :spank:

    But to get it in perspective : I just read that Paul Hunter's diagnosed cancer of the colon :rolleyes::(

    What a shock! I hope he will conquer the disease!
  • Hope so too. Hunter is neccesary for snooker.
  • Neil - just in case you didnt know, Tony lost

    Stephen Lee (Eng) bt Tony Drago (Mal) 10-5
    Frame scores (Lee first): 107-16 48-68 106-9 (100) 126-7 (126) 87-0 23-52 61-37 61-49 57-69 81-9 81-34 51-65 36-79 108-13 77-39

  • don't like stephen lee.
  • thanks for sharing
  • no problem.

    Who's favourite to win anyway?
  • Minardi4eva:
    I can read this like a book.

    Its going to be a Hendry v Ronnie final
    Both are out before the semi's......... Wrong book or can't you read? ;)
  • It'll be Stevens vs Murphy
  • Biker - Must have read next years.
  • Maybe not exactly next year. O' Sullivan seems to consider a sabbatical !
  • I hope Ronnie doesn´t take a break. I like his offensive play. By the way, have any of you tried yourselves to play Snooker? It´s so difficult but much fun ;)
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