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New trucks

There is more to celebrate next race at imola besides the PS05.

We will get 7 new MAN trucks from our very nice sponsor! which is probably the way MAN pays for having their stickers on the car.

Any way. It will be bye bye to the old one's


and welcome to our new trucks:


MAN's contribution to the successful Minardi F1 team consists of seven TGA 18.430 tractors, equipped with the advanced, 430 bhp D20 common-rail engine, automatic TipMatic gearbox and lightweight alloy wheels. The luxurious 5Star XXL-cabins radiate innovation and comfort. The seven trucks will be devoted to the transport of the Minardi Racing Team Formula-1 cars and the materials.

Source is da official website of CA


  • Thank you Christijan:hehe:!
  • I'm likin all this NEW stuff lately :D
  • 7 trucks!!!! :o

    Were gonna need more stuff :P
  • Stoddart's probably already got some sort of lease out thing going on four of em.

    Seven! Ha! 1 for the cars, one for the spares and tools, one for the coffee machine - sorted.
  • yep we can't forget the coffee machine
  • we need one for pasta, and another one for champagne when we beat jordan!
  • I know those new ones haven't been painted black yet but I like the silver/blue thing they've got going on there - we should try it some time ...
  • ^M198, already tried and it's oh so bloody cool:cool:
  • the pic is just the same type of truck I found it on the MAN website. These are not the actual minardi trucks, I posted the picture just to give you an idea of what kind of truck we're going to use.

    The paintjob will probably be black i guess ;)
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