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Pat tests on wednesday - Car launch?

In an interview with the ORF, Patrick announced that he will test his PS05 on wednesday - at an airport close to Faenza. I know it's just a speculation, but it sounds a little bit like a car launch which was also announced by f1racing.net (yeah, I know, never trust f1racing, but I would be very surprised if Minardi wouldn't do a launch for the new car).


  • Hopefully it will be the new car, exiting the new truck,...with a new sponsor!

  • Didn't MAN give us 8 new trucks at the start of the year?
  • Maybe they did and one is the 05 ;););)
  • I don't think Minardi can afford a car launch.
  • sorry, just read the thread directly underneath re: new trucks.

    7... I stand corrected.
  • From Focusf1.com:

    Minardi will 'shake down' a second new PS05 in Italy on Wednesday.

    Following Christijan Albers' maiden run last Friday, Austrian teammate Patrick Friesacher is to take the wheel just two days prior to opening practice at Imola, near Bologna.

    The 24-year-old driver will be at Faenza HQ on Tuesday for a seat fitting, prior to the purely 'systems check' dash.
  • I know the name of the airport and the correct driver ;)

    Compliments of Emmett
  • Any news ?????
  • I keep checking numerous websites but have not found anything yet on the shakedown. I did find the weather forecast for Sunday. Showers (60%) with a high of 55 F. This maybe an a huge opportunity to score points.
  • According to some austrian websites, Pat is doing the shakedown today, but I found nothing so far...:(
  • (yeah, I know, never trust f1racing, but I would be very surprised if Minardi wouldn't do a launch for the new car).
    from the horse's mouth: no shakedown today (take that f1racing)
  • Yeah, because the chassis wasn't finished, but the shakedown was planned.
  • That's too bad. I guess we will se tomorrow the car with the final livery.

    Does somebody know something about a car launch? Or something like that.
  • I don't think that there will be a car launch (yes, I'm, doing a Flip-Flop).


    I just hope that they changed the livery a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit... come on, just a little bit (wo white! thanks!)
  • There is a car launch, ladies. Stoddart is arriving in Italy about now and he will launch his new baby tomorrow.

    It also rained pretty good all day, it's a good thing that they called off the shakedown probably.

    The team was very happy with 200 problem-free kilometers on chassis 01 so they decided against a hurried shakedown of 02.
  • No launch.

    I'm only writing this to annoy Jello, the rest may ignor it :P
  • Huh? What happened this morning then? Having fun in Germany being clueless? :)
  • Well, no pics on F1Total.com, no pics on F1Racing.net, no pics on TOMS.

    I'm confused now...
  • Very low key and pushed back from wednesday so nobody showed up.
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