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So is anyone actually buying Minardi stuff on ebay?

Im seeing some insane prices for Pit Shirts and the Red and Yellow Fleeces, im refusing to pay out the butt for that stuff, one guy has some of the more obscure stuff like the Yearbooks and socks at decent prices, Im bidding on his Euro Minardi flag, after UK shipping to US it will probably cost $30, which I found reasonable... still no true Minardi flag tho on ebay yet... so are any of you giving in? (BTW im still looking for a european minardi tshirt!!)


  • I bought a jacket - see my earlier thread - this is official merchandise rather than anything that was at the auction. I did get a very cheap 2000 pit shirt on ebay the other week - about £23 - not sure if this was in the auction or not but htought it wasa good price
  • I find it funny that those selling 2003 gear with Gazprom on it are saying its 2004. If I had the money to be spending I would get that Euro Minardi flag and the black shirt with the minardi lion logo at the least. Some of those prices are pretty insane, it will probably go down once they see no one is buying at those prices.
  • my money is currently on the year book
  • In Thailand I bought Mc Laren, Williams and Ducati pit shirts (fake of course, but identical to the original) for about US$ 8 or 9 each.
    They did not have Minardi unfortunately.

    But I would not spend more than such amount. Next time I go to Bangkok (because I WILL go back!) I will buy other ones, I fancied BAR but they only had L or XL, did not have M.

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  • that one is indeed quite sweet
  • I think that those books are the smae ones every Team gets but with a cover for Minardi. It is an FIA pub if I am not mistaken.

    So far I've seen some auction items but none worth the asking price. Don't worry - on much of the clothing the prices will have to drop - supply and demand will set the price.

  • yea, I got my yellow minardi fleece from the guy JK got his stuff from, but I got mine for $41 US, not 100+!!! I really wanted the flag, and I am ready to accept the fact that it may sell cheaper, but 14 GBP after airmail to US isnt that bad... when I get it, Ill take some pics of it!
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