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F1 Newbies who tested so far post 04 season...

it seems that post 04, there have been more f1 newbies who tested this post 2004 season than any other recent years.

the irony is that the coming '05 season has far fewer seats than any recent years available.

it would be useful if we can:
1. post a list of f1 newbies who tested since oct 2004 and with which team.
2. discuss their pedigree and evaluate their chances of getting into f1 in the coming few seasons.

guess this is another thing we can do to keep busy before melbourne comes around.

(err, just wondering why isn't lyons offered a test and for that matter as well, is karthikeyan's career in f1 dead?)


  • KK-an is looking to go to the States!

    Your point 1 is possible, but point 2 is not possible, unless you know how much sponsoring each driver has !!!
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