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Caption Competition 2


Naaaaa, broccoli again.


  • I'm trying my best to hold up that fart !!!!
  • Okay, I can´t hold up that fart so here we go :P

    [Edited on 7/5/2005 by hennes]
  • Kimi, we in the press corp hear that you do a pretty good James Cagney impression, can you do it for us now?
  • Obi-Ron: You must resist the dark side young Jedi!

    Darth Brawn: You're too late, he is one us now.
  • njiiiiihhh... what's up doc?

  • Kimi, what do you really think of your team mate?
  • it still hurts when this guy sticks his arm up my arse to make me 'speak'..

    [Edited on 8/5/2005 by viges]
  • Viges=caption master
  • Give it to me more ron
  • Kimi is shocked to realise that this is not a Spearmint Rhino club but a Chippendale club!!!

    or (For all Kevin Smith fans)

    Come to me, son of Jor-El. Kneel before Zod. Snootchie-bootchies

    [Edited on 10/5/2005 by steamdrivenhammer]
  • This is either Kimi trying to smile or why they tell you to shut your visors whilst racing.
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