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  • Quitter.
  • am not
  • Then back up your accusations.
  • *sigh*

  • hi, ok lease i will try to jeep this one clean......

    Jello_biafra (trying to sue his ex band members btw)

    11 days a month? Compare that to the boss of every other team. They make a full time job out of it. Save for Jordan, they're all faster than us too

    so if the boss of jordan is there less, and they are faster, then team owner rpesence is inversely proportional to performance, so PS should be there less?.

    what i was trying to point out before i got down and dirty with emmet was; alot of the factory stafff go to the races as well (we conly have ca 90 members after all), and the 11 days is totally conservatibve, as ppointed out in the post. therefore its a ridiculous exagerration to portray PS as only haveing 2 days a month contact with employess, which i believe is what was implied. i also think in reality its more like 20, but even 11 as a totalyy conservative number is enough to illustrate my point. anyway re read my first post, with this is mind probably i wasnt clear enough.
  • As he's shown with Spain, race weekends are hardly the issue. He's disposable in that role. As we've said throughout the thread, it's at the factory that his presence is needed. Nobody needs to buy wind tunnel time or pay for outsourced work or R&D at a race track. That's all done at the factory and that's what Paul is needed for. Beyond that he can personally fly each OzJet plane himself for all I care, as long as he's there to make the money decisions.

    The reason Jordan are going slow is because they have a full time team boss that seems intent on destroying the place before trying to build it up.

    Regarding Jello's legal battle, I seem to recall his bandmates suing first. Since then though it's become a giant, ironic, twisted, legal soap opera from hell. I couldn't tell you who ends where and the next begins at this point. It was so much happier when it was just Tipper Gore (spit) they had to worry about.
  • well, i was talking regarding leadership. as regards work flow/distribution r and d, i agreee with you, here i will quote my first post.......

    ' on the other hand if hes lack of presence stops the budget we have being used fluidly and causes bottlenecks in the deveopment/construction/logistic process that would need to be urgently adressed.'

    i was never suggesting that he buys windtunnel time at a race track!?!

    and as for Jello, I think dead kennedys were fucking aweseome, but now unfortunately he is sorta become a burnt out unit. like one of those iraqi tanks on the side of the road after GW I. its a dam shame.
  • Taps foot waiting.
  • Only 3 days be patient:hehe:
  • Check yur PayPal this weekend - you should be busting my balls as well!

  • No problem mate I was going to drop you an e-mail this weekend anyway see if everything was OK as you're normally more efficent than me
  • Up to my ass in aligators. Two projects that have to fly PDQ are leaving in rapid succession - one COB today and the other Tues/Wed. HOWEVER, this weekend is a long one due to a holiday so the screws are turning.
  • Long weekend here aswell drop me a mail when you get chance
  • Still waiting for an apology Lease.

  • You're American, and YOU want an apology?!
  • Don't try and slide out of this one.

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