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As an entrant to the GCM cup the Dictatorship of Uzbeckistead, with its national animal of the bull proudly unveils its new motorhome and communications and entertainments centre.



  • Uzbeckistead have recently been spotted testing the first development phase of its new car.


    Dictator/driver Steven Head told us this:

    Uzbeckistead has developed a brand new power source for its GCM cup car. This was a shakedown for the 1st development model of the car. we were very pleased with how the core 'reacted' in the test, hehe

    to help create downforce we have created a large front wing with 2 wing elements. we have 6 wheels at the moment, but only four are driving wheels, the front and rear ones, the other 2 smaller wheels are to drive the water around the cooling system. We opted to do it this way than jug around more heavy moters and the like. at the moment the core isnt lasting very long, but we hope to develop economy over the next few tests to a level where one fuel core will last the entire GCM weekend.

    Many people wondered why all the crew were dressed in these suits

    I would like to reassure everyone that this is just a precaution and hopefully we will be rid of it by the second test.

    before the GCM cup we hope to have been through 5 development phases and therefore five tests. this means we only have four tests left to develop the car before the 1st practice.

    our next test will happen very shortly

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  • Somebody has a little too much spare time I'd say.
  • for once i agree with MCSF!:D
  • Cool Uzbeckistead:cool:

    I'm trying to work out how we can run the race.
    ny ideas anyone???

    Worst case scenario is me sat a home rolling dice :(

    Im looking at doing some kind of active website so results are
    transparent. but i think it may take me months

  • image

    Leader Jumpey take the wheel of the new JS05 for its first test.

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  • The second development of the Uzbeckistead racecar debued on track today.


    Spokesperson steven head had these words to say:

    Today we developed the downforce element of the car, we cleaned up the front wing and nose setup aswell as trying a new rear wing setup using aa tri plane design wth added aero bits. we found this worked really well

    we developed the brakes a lot today but we have a new radical brake design for the next test. we also shaped the front of the sidepod as we need less air to flow through it to cool the core.

    once again our core performed very well, we had a little scare in the morning when we fired it up. a few warning lights started flashinh and a big hooter started blaring but we quickly found the problem and we were left with a trouble free days running.

    we added a new large scale diffuser on the rear of the car, along with the shaped underside of the car has added half as much downforce again without producing to much drag.

    at the next test we will be concentrating more on development of the core and related drivetrain.

    we will also reveal the lap times at the next test.

    Uzbeckistead feels it has a huge advantage over the other competitors in the GCM cup as we were the first with a car on the track with 2 design phases been compeled whilst the only other car to have been released is the JS05 at a shakedown and test today.
  • image

    Faenza F1 proudly unveils its new motorhome and communication center which suprisingly comes from the same supplier as Uzbeckistead.

    The first development car should be on track by days end.

    Similiar radiation suits have been adopted by Faenza F1. Safety is our first concern.

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  • image

    Development has gone faster than expected due to industrial espion.....never mind. Reports that the F01 look similiar to the JS05 are unfounded.

    The F01 is powered by a four turbocharger jet engine from Maserati. Bieng their first jet engine, much less turbocharged, the F01 performed better than expected during its first 1,000 km test. No engine problems were reported, just additional aerodynamic devices were need to keep the F01 on the ground.

    The Principality of Faenza
  • Jumpeyland has noted the strange similarity of the The Principality of Faenza's car to the JS05.:o

    But due to such a fantastic colour scheme and the fact they are not using the same type of power will NOT appeal :cool:
  • Since recieveing a new software package Uzbeckisteads car is coming on in leaps and bounds. We have got at least 1000 times more designing power (paint Vs Photoshop CS)

    this means we will be able to refine the design and smooth over the messy parts that will ruin out airflow!
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