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(another) Capti0n competition


"New Jordan/Midland twoseater program started"

[Edited on 18/5/2005 by printscreen]


  • Check out the new Jordan bananaboy!
  • I can think of several non-PC captions, but will refrain for once.
  • Guy on back: "It's the vibration!"
  • The Jordan team are angry after photos of the EJ15B shakedown are released to the press.
  • Jordan bike yet again in use after yet another Jordan retirement
  • That might've been funny if Jordan were having any retirement issues. :(
  • About Jordan:
    Who shopped Eddie into that pic ???:P
  • That might've been funny if Jordan were having any retirement issues.
  • Still leading Minardi by a second a lap..............:spank:
  • Jordan unveil their aero modifications for the tight twisty Monaco circuit.
  • King Juan Carlos couldnt wait to take a ride on the Jordan 2 seater
  • Headline - Jordan helping Bridgestone with tyre development.

    Other headline - Bridgestone discover reason for Schumi's tyre problems.
  • Jordan's financial situation has become so dire that drivers have to get extra money in enterprising ways

    Narain: and here sir, we have the taj mahal. The origin of the name the "Taj Mahal" is not clear. Court histories from Shah Jehan's reign only call it the rauza (tomb) of Mumtaz Mahal. It is generally believed that "Taj Mahal" (usually translated as either "Crown Palace" or "Crown of the Palace") is an abbreviated version of her name, Mumtaz Mahal (Exalted One of the Palace).

    you think that's funny? you should see Tiago's lemonade stand
  • Guy on the back: "Honestly, the Narain backed into me!"
  • Referring to picutre 1:

    "We need it to weigh 600 kilos? We´ll put 20 kg, here, 20 there, 10 over there..."
  • For first pic.....
    Ah, so this is what going fast feels like:hehe:
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