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Pauls Bday


[Edited on 27/5/2005 by Ste]


  • Oh well Ste another reason to have a drink, what can you do:hehe:
  • Happy B'day old son. ;)
  • Now if I wish Paul a happy birthday what will the conspiracy minded construe?

    I'll take the chance - happy birthday Paul. Throw a shrimp on the bbq and have a Fosters!
  • When are you blokes gonna learn, it's called a prawn, not a shrimp. And the only people who drink Fosters are foreigners, nobody here drinks the crap.
  • yanks love stereotypes.

    look - there's a towelhead! :o
  • Happy birthday PS !!!
  • Blame it on your nations tourism spokesman - Paul Hoagn.
  • Happy birthday Pauly.
    Feliz Cumpleaños Paul
    Feliz Cumpreanos Paul
  • happy birthday Paul

    How many have you paid the team to get your name on the car?:D
  • Happy Birthday Paul
  • Happy birthday you old bastard :D
  • There is no better gift for PS than a race finish in front of the Jordans!!

    Congratulations Paul.
  • Sure there is - a 1 - 2 finish!
  • A Letter to Paul

    Dear Paul
    Best wishes on your birthday. Can I ask one thing? As a fellow Australian citizen with Irish roots (Sure with the name Stoddart there must be a bit of Irish blood there somewhere) Is there any chance you could put a bit of spare cash into the F1 team. Now I know your up to your neck in OzJet and European and god knows what else. But there's a bunch of us guys who are patetically obsessed by the Minardi F1 team and live for the day when we can be a regular point scoring team. This Forzaminardi website is obsessed with goodwill for your team. We have had many a heated discussion about your commitment and indeed your ability to run the team. That does'nt matter. It all boils down to the fact that without you Paul, Minardi most probably wouldn't exist. For this we are grateful. Our affection for Gian Carlo and what he has created is unique. Minardi F1 is to us something which we are very proud of. Paul you are the man holding the destiny of the future of the team in your hands. Please dont settle for 2nd best. Give the hard working guys back in Faenza the chance to show you what they can truly do.

    Paul Minardi F1 are on the right track the PS05 will hopefully show it's worth. Lets get a good testing programe going and maybe a updated spec PS05b with a V8 for 2006. There's a huge USA market out there waiting for us ( I can give you the address for a guy in San Fran) lets tap it.

    Finally on this the occasion of your 50th birthday can I say how young you look and the ciggy's cant be doing you any harm! Oh and when are you marketing the motorised Airline seats you had on ITV's F1 interview

    Hugs and Sloppy kisses

  • very good Ger, very good :D;):hehe:
  • Happy Brithday Paul, so going to buy some V8's as a present? ;)
  • On your birthday is a good time not to get bitched at.

    So, for me, it's just a Big Old Happy Birthday
  • I think I'm seeing double.

    You would think Tas and Bernie are twins.

    Anyway belated Happy Birthday you crusty old fart.
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