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Im gonna get taken to court by 2 pizza companies!!

As an insomniac that is a driver for Dominos, I tend to be up at the wee hours.
To fill the bordem I've taken to posting "I :heart: Dominos" stickers on Eagle Boys and Pizza Hut.

I've been targeting 5 stores, on the front windows, signs etc, for about 3 weeks.

Monday night (Tues morn), an associate (as I wanted in the getaway car) climbed up on the roof (which tripped the alarm) and posted a sticker on the top of the hat part of the sign.

They haven't been able to get it off for 2 days. They're kinda pissed off.

Yesterday Pizza Hut they phoned said they had my rego and made threats.
Tonight the shopping center complex boss came to the store, and said if I wasn't fired they take me to court for vandalism.

I don't really care about their threats, I can't be fired for something I did out of work, out of uniform and not in the company car.
Besides, if they do fire me: Union > Unfair dissmissal

Anyways, I headed down to work (first day off in 2 and a half weeks) to get more details.
After about half and hour or so, one of our workers came in and said he saw an Eagle Boys car taking photo's of my car and rego plate.

We gave them a call and asked WTF?
They finnally (after a couple of calls) said it was they francisee's son, and they will be calling Don Meij (Dominos CEO) tommorrow.

Looks like its gonna be interesting (and fun :D)

[Edited on 1/6/2005 by Clown]


  • If you had taken MY advice and gone into the Para's then you might have learned some things about proper planning and execution of an assault like this.

    Keep us informed.

    Do you like to shower with larger groups of tatooed men?
  • Do you like to shower with larger groups of tatooed men?
    Which reminds me of the famous soap "Don't bend over" :hehe:
  • But I'm a tattooed man :P
  • Homo Tattoetus ??
  • Silly boy. Cute, but silly. :spank:

    And you wont be being 'whacked' from behind with a cane, it'll be a penis.
  • Keep going, Clown, we're all with you!:hehe::hehe::hehe:

    Pizza Hut sucks anyway!:hehe:
  • Clown two points.

    1. Does Domino's have a clause in it's business plan about "bring Domino's into disrepute"? If so, you could be in trouble.

    2. I doubt very much that the Eagle Boy's employees have any legal authority for taking these photo's and that they themselves could be commiting an offence by doing so.
  • and domino's aren't a multinational? :rolleyes:

    anyway.. Clown, i hope you get some internettime in Guantanamo bay..

  • Wow! Guantanamo Bay... Isn't that the place where they flush Domino-menu's ??? :hehe::hehe:
  • It's not illegal to take pictures of anything in or from a public place in the UK and I doubt it differs in Oz.

    [Edited on 2/6/2005 by viges]
    Well then you can take turns getting gang raped in prison.

    That ought to show those multi nationals!
  • you'll better not mention Guantanamo Bay what a shame....:o

  • you'll better not mention Guantanamo Bay what a shame....:o

    who mentioned it? :spank:

  • Better not have used your FM.com sticker! Get it yet?
  • Yeah, I got it :D
    (I was actually just to send a thank you email. Not anymore ;))
  • Awesome, when you put it on something can you post a pic on here? If more people want them the artwork is done at the signwriters and he can make them in a day or so. They'll work out at around $3 to $4 each - not exactly sure, but we could set something up whereby you order through RJ's paypal and I mail them to everyone.
  • I'm actually gonna wait until I get my tint done until I put it on (coupla weeks).
    I'm still kicking myself for putting on the Champ Car sticker last week only to realise I'll have to destroy it :(
  • "It's not illegal to take pictures of anything in or from a public place in the UK and I doubt it differs in Oz."

    True, but, it depends on the intent involved in taking the pics. It could well be deemed an invasion of privacy, or, according to Clown's last paragraph in the first post, blackmail. The "sack this bloke and we'll keep it quiet" kind of thing.

    Whilst it's not illegal to take photo's in public, if it can be deemed that they were taken as part of the committing of an offence, they can be deemed illegal as well.
  • Oz - Two wrongs don't make a right - even if they hammer a mulitnational. You are a law enforcement professional.

    What the others might have done is insignificant.

    Clown is guilty of a misdemeanor in any court. One or two good ass rapings and he might leanr a leson.

    He needs to take his medicine like a man.
  • Haven't heard anything back from them, all limp dick threats :angel:
  • Wankers!;)
  • Ok, my moles say Eagle Boys are now suing Dominos over it :rolleyes:
  • Oh no, I ain't wearing pink :P
  • Clown - what you should do is have some rather large Eagle Boys stickers made, and put them on the Dominoes building. Any grounds which Eagle Boys had to sue Dominoes will be gone when your boss gives them a phone call to make a complaint...;)
  • Quig, don't get me wrong I'm not advocating that Clown did not commit an offence under the law(Sorry Clown old son, but you're nicked), but it appears that Eagle Boys were going to make an attempt to force Domino's into sacking Clown by means of blackmail/coercion, also an offence. If one is to be charged, I'm simply saying, so must the other.

    I would suggest a formal hand written apology, delivered by hand, to the Eagle boy's boss in Brisbane might be an appropriate start.

    The ass rapings can occur later............. :hehe:
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