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Who here likes the League of gentlemen??

Its one of my faveourite comedies, now its made its way to the big screen! Cant wait to see it!!




  • Should be great, whens it out?

  • Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it, love it, love it!

    Its out today (friday 3rd June)

  • ?

    I take it this is a Monty Python style comedy?
  • Let me come in your English mouth.
  • Never heard of it.....

    Is this like the Sean Connery thing from 2 years ago?
  • My brother said it has been shown in Oz. Very, VERY black humour.

  • About the blackest comedy you can possibly get!!!

    You either get it and its hillarious, or you dont and you hate it. no in betweens!

    Nowhere near the Sean connery film, When the league of extraordinary gentlemen came out over here I thought thats about the worst name you could possibly have in England.

    Imagine Sean connery talking to tubbs!
  • For all you non League of gentlemen types, here are some clips of the show:

  • Imagine Sean connery talking to tubbs!
    And Crockett?
  • [quote] Imagine Sean connery talking to tubbs!
    And Crockett? [/quote]

    Not quiet the same thing P1 but possibly just as funny, neither Crockett nor Connery are very Local:hehe::hehe:
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